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Mahesh Pawar
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How do you decide subject for your next DEV article?

Let me think
I always get curious how do you guys decide subject for your DEV posts 🧐
Let's discuss.

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Mehmed Duhovic

I usually have a backlog of stuff that I have enough knowledge on and that I find interesting to explore further, usually of a couple of topics belonging to the same subject (Inheritance, Cascades, etc for CSS, and different Sorting Algorithms for Algorithms)

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Mahesh Pawar • Edited

Exploring further for existing knowledge. That's good.

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Jelle Smeets

Usually, my ideas just come at random moments. That's why I need to write them down or I will forget them later.

I've recently started writing down ideas in Notion. I have a list of general ideas, a shorter list of some ideas that I've putten more thought into, and done the research.

For my monthly digests, I just keep a list of articles I read during the month. And a few days before the end of the month I revisit the list and pick the most interesting articles.

How do you come up with the subject for your DEV posts?

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Spyros Argalias

Meme: "You don't have to worry about what to write next, if you have a backlog of 100 articles you'll never write".

More seriously:

  • I just make content on whatever idea dawns on me. I get a lot of ideas, so I have a long backlog of stuff.
  • Also, every now and then, I go through my personal notes on programming topics. I get inspiration on articles from those. Things like "oh, maybe other people would benefit from knowing this", or maybe other people would benefit from an organised article on this topic.

Hope that helps. Very curious to hear yours and other people's idea generation process as well!

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Mahesh Pawar

I liked your approach you revisit notes and find there what will benefit others.