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What is Cherrybomb?.

What is Cherrybomb?.

Cherrybomb is a tool that can help you avoid user behavior. This tool is open source and can be used by both the OpenAPI and Rust communities.

How does it work?

It takes in an OAS file, runs a series of checks on it to make sure everything is on par with the OAS, and outputs a detailed table with any alerts found, guiding you to the exact problem and location to help you solve it quickly.

Features of Cherrybomb

  • It can check your logs for business logic flaws.
  • It supports OpenAPI and HTTP Logs.
  • The OpenAPI Specification is a standard for specifying how APIs work. The logs can be used to investigate calls.
  • This makes it easier to use when developing web applications.

Different actions in cherrybomb

OpenAPI Specification Scan

The OAS is checked for common mistakes and lack of best practices.

Parameter Table

The OAS is turned into a descriptive table by Cherrybomb.


Takes in traffic logs and maps the business logic flow of the application, then outputs a digest file.


The digest file is used to visualize the business logic flow of the application.

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