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What is Azure DNS Private Resolver ?.

Azure DNS Private Resolver

It is a new service that allows you to query private zones from an on-premises environment and vice versa.

The private resolver requires an azure virtual network. One or more inbound endpoints are established that can be used as the destination for DNS queries when you create an azure private resolver inside a virtual network. The resolver's outbound endpoint processes queries based on the forwarding ruleset that you have set. There are networks linked to a ruleset that can be used to send the queries.

The process of using a Azure DNS private resolver is summarized below.

  • DNS query will issue if the client is in a virtual network.
  • The DNS query is forwarded to the specified addresses if the server for the virtual network is specified as custom.
  • There are Private DNS zones linked to the same virtual network if Default is configured in the virtual network.
  • If the query doesn't match a Private DNS zone linked to the virtual network, then Virtual network links are consulted.
  • If there are no ruleset links, then the query can be solved with the help of the azure domain name system.
  • The forwarding rules are evaluated if the ruleset links are present.
  • The query is forwarded to the address if a match is found.
  • The longest suffix is used if multiple matches are present.
  • If no match is found, no forwarding occurs and the query is resolved with the help of the azure domain name system.

The following benefits are provided by the Azure DNS private resolver.

  • It is fully managed and has built-in high availability and zone redundancy.
  • Reducing operating costs and running at a fraction of the price of traditional IaaS solutions.
  • You can have private access to your Private DNS Zones.
  • High performance per endpoint is possible.
  • Terraform, Arm, and Bicep are friendly to the DevOps movement.

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