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Daniel Madalitso Phiri
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Pre-launching - Accessibility FTW

Hello 👋

I bought in the .dev bubble of early 2019 and it's been decaying in a pile of unused domains I own. Don't judge me..

So here it is folks..

✨Introducing (very beta)✨

Site Image

Now I know it's not perfect and that's why this is a pre-launch. wink

There's a few goals I have for improving the site aesthetically and accessibilty wise and I'll share them all as I go along. When there's only a few things to change, I'll officially launch it. cough cough
(As if launching personal sites is a thing)

At the moment, this is built with Vue.js and hosted with Netlify. As we go on I will add:

  • Social media cards so that something nice pops up when you share a link of the site
  • A fully functional blog
  • My advocate work and funcky projects I built
  • Annd? I have no idea.. leave some suggestions for cool features in the comments? Thanks 💖

To be honest, I'm trying to learn as much I can about making modern websites, particularly those built with popular frontend frameworks more accessible. I just started out with this and if you have no idea what accessibility is, I highly recommend checking out the accessibily project and this really informative video

Protip (newbie tip tbh)

Accessibility == a11y (pronouced ally)

The more I read about it, the more I feel more developers need to not just talk about it but consider making thier sites more accessible. I truly want to be someone who practices what I preach! Do add your a11y tips and resources below and....

Awkward High Five
..let's do this?

Till the next post 💖

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