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15, But Completed HacktoberFest, Here's how.

Hi there! I'm MalwarePersus a Self-Taught Dev and I completed Hacktober Fest 2020 while I was still 15 (Turned 16 2 days ago πŸ˜‰ ) with the PRs I submitted on Day 1.
Here's how I Went about it.

Selection | Which Issues should I get into?

So as soon as the Fest started people started spamming any kind of repo they thought they could contribute to. I started looking for repos where there was not much crowd and was a good one to contribute to and I hopefully found several Repos where I Could contribute.

Making Quality PRs

Now that I had Repos to contribute to I spent my afternoon and evening working on the issues in the Fork that I Created, when my work was complete I Went on to Make a PR, but as by that time a lot of people had already submitted their work, I Knew I had to stand out somehow. So I went through a guide available on and accordingly, added comments and sqaushed my commits and wrote a nice and descriptive Title & Description.

And Hopefully all the Repos I Contributed to, Merged my PRs 😌

So, What Next?

Yes, so that was it, my pretty small but amazing journey of hacktober fest 2020, but wait, did you think that i stopped there? huh? Nooo, I kept on Contributing and submitting PRs (which usually get rejected πŸ˜‚ ) and still am doing.
It's all about learning more and more and helping others wherever you can, cause this is the community! the world of Open Source!

Hope you are having a Safe but Spooky Hacktober πŸŽƒ
Keep Hacking! One Pull Request At A Time!😌

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Chris Greening

Congratulations and keep up the great work! I've been programming for a few years now but this was my first Hacktoberfest and it was such a great experience, I learned so much lol

I have an open source Python Instagram web scraper I started at the beginning of Hacktoberfest, feel free to check it out if it's something you'd be interested in contributing to!

GitHub logo chris-greening / instascrape

Super lightweight Python 3 Instagram scraper for requesting and processing Instagram data

instascrape logo

instascrape: super lightweight Instagram scraping toolkit

What is it?

instascrape is an incredibly lightweight set of tools geared towards scraping Instagram data. It makes no assumptions about your project and is instead designed for flexibility and developer productivity. It is excellent for the seasoned data scientist trying to quickly get an idea of a page's engagement as well as beginners looking to explore web scraping and the beauty of Python for the very first time.

Version Language Code style: black Release License

Downloads Activity Dependencies Issues Size

Example gif of instascrape

Table of Contents

Graph of instagram data Example of Instagram likes per post data scraped using instascrape (this repository and its author(s) are not affiliated with Real Python)


Minimum Python version

This library currently requires Python 3.7 or higher.


Install from PyPI using

$ pip3 install insta-scrape
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Clone right from Github to your local machine using

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Happy hacking!!!

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Benji πŸ™

Hi Chris, I've already completed Hacktoberfest but I'd still love to contribute & get involved. I've starred & forked it & will look around so hopefully see you on GitHub :)

chrisgreening profile image
Chris Greening

Hey there Benjamin!!! Thanks so much, feel free to contribute anytime πŸ˜„

malwareperseus profile image

Hey!! i'd love to contribute! thanks for sharing the project! i'll look around for sure!

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Anja • Edited

Well done!😊 πŸ‘ Nice that you want to keep contributing to Open Source πŸ‘

malwareperseus profile image
MalwarePerseus • Edited

Thank you ❀️

guelalmeida profile image
Miguel de Almeida

awesome, keep doing things like this

malwareperseus profile image

Thanks You ❀️