Good Morning, Next time, I won't get 1,111 reactions and 5000 views in stats.

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I used to check Dev.to with my mails and BBC news every morning before I walked out of bed.

I recall when I was a student of engineering (15 years ago) and whenever I saw my digital wrist watch / mobile phone: incidentally, much of the time was the same hour and minute (10:10, 16:16, 22:22) or the same number was repeated as time (11:11, 22:22).

Today, I saw two numbers of stats ...... exact at ... 1,111 (total reactions to my posts) :

Alt Text


Alt Text

5000 views (to one of my posts). If logged 5 minutes later, the stats numbers would have been different.

"Absolute popular / repeatative numbers makes you happy without any reason"

What you say?


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Lucky us!
I currently have exactly 68686 rep. points in Stackoverflow. I like palindromes. Kinda sad it's not going to last long...


Wow yes, those numbers are weird, I mean - EXACTLY 1111 and EXACTLY 5000.



I remember when two of my old articles got me over 100K views and I was happy at first... then the fire nation attacked...


Hahaha nice!!! And you a really exception here bcoz I experienced topics on linux machine / servers get only few interested ones compared to topics like css, html, beginners...


I think the notifications icons should be truncated.


The same thing happened with me as well, I started writing recently and this is the response I got in like 1 month.



Very nice Fayaz, keep it up