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Looking For A Job? Here Are 10 Sites To Help You Find Your Next Gig

2020 brought us a new way of looking at working: we found out that many things can be done remotely, and that technology has never been so important and used.

Many people started to look for a way to make a living from the comfort of their homes, and as expected, working as a programmer is an obvious pick.

But even if you've been coding before the pandemic, chances are that every so often you will also look for a new job.

Thankfully, there are plenty of sites out there to help you find your next gig. Corporate? Startups? Freelancing? That's your choice, the options are out there and you should apply right now!

Shameless plug: that's why I created Dev Resources, to keep all the good things I found in the last years, including the ones mentioned in this article, in one place. No more forgetting or messy bookmarks.

Without further ado, let's talk about 10 sites for you to find your next gig.


Jobspresso is the easiest way to find remote jobs and careers at interesting and innovative companies.


A job board for tech enthusiasts.


Authentic Jobs

The leading job board for designers, developers, and creative pros.



With Hired your job search has never been easier! Simply create a profile & vetted companies compete for you, reaching out with salary & equity upfront.



Find & hire top freelancers, web developers & designers inexpensively. World's largest marketplace of 48m. Receive quotes in seconds. Post your job online now.



Upwork connects businesses of all sizes to freelancers, independent professionals, and agencies for all their hiring needs. Scale your workforce dynamically as business needs change.



The #1 job site to find hand-screened, remote work from home & flexible jobs since 2007. Find a better way to work in 50+ career categories today!



Apply privately to 130,000+ remote jobs and startup jobs near you with one application. See salary and equity upfront.



Looking for a remote job? Remote OKยฎ has 43,534+ remote jobs as a Developer, Designer, Copywriter, Customer Support Rep, Sales Professional, Project Manager and more! Find a career where you can work remotely from anywhere.



Find and apply for top remote jobs in Software Development, Design, Support, Sales, Writing, Product, and Others. Start telecommuting & working from home today!


Bonus: Dev Resources

As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, Dev Resources is a compilation of all resources you might need as a developer. You can find all the resources above and a lot more.

No more forgetting or messy bookmarks.


I hope you enjoy this list and that it helps you with your developer journey.

And if you want to connect with me, you can find me on Twitter as @marcelcruz.

Happy coding!

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Theres another new one getting ready to hit the market.. I think theyre in beta right now but supposed to be pretty good, its

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Marcel Cruz

Thanks for pointing this one out too!