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15+ Awesome Tailwind CSS Templates And Themes

Tailwind CSS is a highly customizable CSS framework that gives you all of the building blocks you require to build custom user interfaces without any annoying dogmatic styles you have to struggle to override.

Most CSS frameworks (e.g. Bootstrap), come with dozens of pre-built components that might help you move quickly at first but cause more pain than they cure when it comes time to make your site stand out with a custom design.

Tailwind is different because it provides low-level utility classes that let you build completely custom designs without ever leaving your HTML.

If you’re sick of fighting the framework, and overriding undesired styles, this list contains a vast collection of free and premium Tailwind CSS templates and themes that you can use to kickstart your next design/dev project with ease.

All resources included in this are fully responsive and available for landing pages, websites, and application dashboards.

Best Tailwind CSS templates And Themes

1. Open PRO

Open PRO TailwindCSS
Live Demo / Download

Open PRO is a gorgeous landing page template that comes with a dark layout and a clean user interface. Thanks to the presence of multiple pages and components, this resource is an ideal solution for different kinds of SaaS and app websites.

  • Premium template
  • Multiple pages, sections, and components
  • Available in HTML, React, and Vue

2. Midone

Live Demo / Download

This admin dashboard template is highly practical and fully responsive from its core. Designed precisely to fit various kinds of small and large devices, it comes with several unique pages and components that can help you build an admin Application quickly.

  • Modular JS & CSS Code
  • File manager applications
  • FREE lifetime updates

3. D-Board

Live Demo / Download

D-board is an exceptional and elegant dashboard template built on top of Next.js, Redux, and Tailwind CSS. It includes over 100 elements (for each layout) and several reusable widgets to help you build your next Tailwind project or web application.

  • Light and dark versions
  • Automatic code splitting
  • 2 layouts and 100+ elements

4. SaasFolio

Live Demo / Download

SaasFolio is a conversion-driven landing page template for SaaS products and startups. It differences itself from other similar resources, by focussing on strong sales copy and content hierarchy. Especially, the well-written copy can help you craft a strong message to convert your visitors into customers.

  • 95+ Google PageSpeed
  • Complete W3C Valid HTML5 Files
  • Detailed documentation

5. Vue Tailwind Admin

Vue Tailwind Admin
Live Demo & Download

Vue Tailwind Admin is a free admin theme with a fresh and spicy layout inspired by the latest design trends. The user interface follows sheets of paper following various layers that bring depth and order regardless of the complexity for different kinds of visitors.

  • Customisable configuration
  • Control of the sidebar through components
  • 100% open-source

6. Treo

Live Demo / Download

The multi-layout setup of Treo allows using multiple templates without making any major changes to the general structure of the template. Being able to set different routes makes Treo very flexible as it allows having any kind of page design within the same codebase.

  • Multiple theme layouts.
  • Ability to set a different layout per route.
  • Starter project included for faster development.

7. Tailwind Starter Kit

Tailwind Starter Kit
Live Demo & Download

Tailwind Starter Kit is fully open-source, and It doesn’t change or add any CSS to the already present code in Tailwind CSS. This product features multiple HTML elements and, it comes with dynamic components/sections for ReactJS, Vue, and Angular.

  • 16 dynamic Javascript components
  • 120 fully Coded CSS elements
  • 4 pre-built pages

8. Topson

Live Demo / Download

Tompson is a fully customisable web UI-based theme and app dashboard application. This template is composed carefully to fit various kinds of device screens, and it includes unique pages and elements which can help you build a fresh chat application based on Tailwind CSS.

  • Fully Responsive Layout
  • Includes login & register page
  • SASS Powered

9. Screenshot Landing Page

Screenshot Landing Page
Live Demo / Download

Screenshot Landing Page is an open-source and versatile landing page template with space for section browser screenshots and custom illustrations. With this result, you can affect your users by showing a truly clean and elegant look for every occasion.

  • Browser screenshots and illustrations
  • CDN hosted with Tailwind CSS file
  • Wisely coded and fully maintained

10. Cleopatra

Live Demo / Download

If you’re looking for an admin dashboard template that was developed having your customers in mind, look no further. Cleopatra is a powerful admin dashboard built on top of Tailwind CSS, and available with rich features and easy to use packs and configurations.

  • MIT license
  • Browser compatibility
  • Big custom shortcode collection

11. Tailwind Toolbox (Landing Page)

Tailwind Toolbox (Landing Page)
Live Demo / Download

This landing page template is suitable for any digital or physical product marketing purpose, and besides that, It can be used also as a sales funnel to increase conversion rate. Last but not least, it is fully responsive, customisable, and documented including dynamic contact forms.

  • Free Google Fonts
  • Unique and modern layout
  • Quality checked by tons of users

12. Tailwind Admin

Tailwind Admin
Live Demo / Download

Tailwind Admin is a conservative and yet modern premium Tailwind CSS Dashboard/Admin Template. Whether you’re creating a web application, dashboard, or SaaS apps — Tailwind Admin’s feature-rich segments and demo pages to help you create the best possible web application projects.

  • Premium scalable vector graphics
  • Flexible charts and graphs
  • Drag’n’drop file-attach uploads

13. Tailwind Toolbox (Admin Dashboard)

Tailwind Toolbox (Admin Dashboard)
Live Demo / Download

Toolbox Admin is a fully featured dashboard and admin template that comes with tones of well designed UI elements, components, sections and pages. The super clean and flexible layout enables you to easily build responsive web apps, and It can also be used to create custom admin panels, CRM, CMS, etc.

  • Built on latest Tailwind (v 1.8.7)
  • Easy development and tooling
  • Vertical and horizontal layouts

14. Concavo

Live Demo / Download

Concavo is an exceptional, sensitive admin template built with React, Redux, Next.js, Tailwind CSS, and SASS. It includes +100 ingredients in every layout, and lots of custom made widgets to support you kickstart your next project or web-based interface.

  • 2 example dashboards
  • Automatic code splitting
  • Hot code reloading and universal rendering

15. Tailwind Admin Template

Tailwind Admin Template
Live Demo / Download

Create a user interface that stands out — a design that is attractive, slick, and delivers the ultimate user experience result using Tailwind Admin Template, the latest product from David G to help you streamline your fresh UI and customer-centric application.

  • Interactive graphs and charts
  • Lifetime free updates
  • Pseudo-Class variants

16. App Landing Page Template

App Landing Page Template
Live Demo / Download

A pixel perfect multi-purpose landing page pack crafted with terrific attention to details and quality of the code. It was designed to assist developers and makers with the promotion of mobile apps, online software, page presentations, and startup validations.

  • One click demo installs
  • Powerful template options
  • Modern mobile navigation


I hope this list can help you kickstart your next Tailwind CSS project with ease. If you’ve already used Tailwind CSS in your projects, please let me know by commenting below.

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ixartz profile image
Remi W.

If you don't mind you could add:
A boilerplate code written in Next JS and Tailwind CSS with a FREE minimalist theme

You can browse the demo at

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Carlos Saltos • Edited

You may add Smelte to the list

staticmaker1 profile image

Free template for magazines:
Free template for blog:
Free template for landing page:
Free template for documentation pages:

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Prototypa (onWidget)

🚀 Take a look at the AstroWind template I'm developing to start a new Astro project with Tailwind CSS with perfect score in Lighthouse ( github repo )

casperrubaekm profile image
Casper Rubæk

Nice list of templates you shared!

I have also written about some Tailwind CSS templates I think someone might find useful here:

moesaid profile image

thanks for mentioning Cleopatra :)

leandroruel profile image
Leandro RR

well, i was happy thinking: "oh free templates!"

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themes_dev profile image

Here you can find 3 more free Tailwind CSS components and themes.

  • Footer Pack
  • SaaS Dashboard template
  • SaaS Landing Page
skino2020 profile image
skino • Edited

Can be added to this list.

the work Mike does over at wicked templates and is awesome!

theangrystudio profile image

Could you please add my template to the list. It's a free tailwind CSS template for personal blogs.

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Siddharth Chaudhary

Add TailUIKit Pro to the list

sidcraftscode profile image
Siddharth Chaudhary • Edited

TailUIKit Pro is free for opensource projects BTW

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Ari Budin • Edited

Good templates, can be a source of inspiration for my next project.
If you like, you can see my Tailwind dashboard