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Mark Okoh
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First VueJS Project - Domains For Developers

I came across “domaining”, or “domain flipping” by accident. I had an idea for an NFT platform (a little late to the party I know, but whatever), so I went to GoDaddy to buy a domain name. I found one I liked, and only $12.00 to register - great! But, I wasn’t sure if it was right, so I hesitated - wrong move! An hour later, not only had someone bought it, but they were now reselling it for $10,000. Yes $10,000! WTF!!!!

So I looked into this, and found people making a living buying domains and selling them for a profit. Who knew!??? So I bought some of my own, and guess what - they sold! Granted, for a couple hundred, rather than thousands of dollars, but still I was pleased. So I scrubbed the NFT idea (probably for the best), and built a site to sell my domains.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you - my first project built with Vue JS, which I’m really enjoying. Plan on doing more to it, but I'd love to know your thoughts on how it's turned-out.

Also please checkout out the domain names - some might work for your projects. I’m very open to offers, (low ones are fine). Currently featured (discounted even more), “Domains for Developers” - naturally!


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