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Mark Okoh
Mark Okoh

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Learn Vue 3 or Vue 2?

With the release of Vue 3, is it better to learn Vue 3 or Vue 2 if you're starting now? I touch on this subject in a video I made on learning Vue.

Interested to know your thoughts.

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perpetual . education

It's a bummer that when you switch - there's no backwards compatibility.

For example, figured we'd use 3 recently in a CodePen. Wrote up a little Vue instance and couldn't figure why it didn't work. No error. Nothing to teach us that 3 is just totally breaking changes...

Eerily similar to what happened with Angular. Since Vue is (really) similar to Angular 1.5, we can already see how this will play out.

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Mark Okoh

I went with Vue 3 simply because it's the latest version. I know that not all the component libraries work with Vue 3 yet, but hopefully it shouldn't be too long before they do.

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Pacharapol Withayasakpunt

Vue 2 for more third party libraries' support.

Vue 3 for better IDE support, JSX / TypeScript support, and composition API.

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Saulo Vargas

Start with VueJS 2 and then make the switch when you really need it.