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Mariano Martinez Peck
Mariano Martinez Peck

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"El Carrillon" project featured in the RaspberryPi magazine MagPi

Some time ago I blogged about a fantastic project Gerardo Richarte and I were doing with an 18-bell tower located in Argentina.

Back then, I showed some details of the architecture, code, and how I mocked-up “El Carrillon” with a homemade LED piano so I could test it at home.

Later on, I wrote another post, where you can see it running live and read some great news about the project (including an award!).

In this quick post, I am so happy to share with you some BIG NEWS:

El Carrillon is the first VASmalltalk IoT project to appear as a showcase in the official RaspberryPi magazine, The MagPi!. It was a pleasure for me to work on the project with Gerardo Richarte, and thanks to Instantiations for their support!

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