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5 Articles every WebDev should read this week (#46)

Announcing TypeScript 4.5

Today we’re excited to announce the release of TypeScript 4.5!

Web history by Jay Hoffmann

The history of the web. Written by Jay Hoffmann. A twice montly dispatch about the web's history, the incredible people that built it, and all the websites, code, and browsers you've never heard of.

The complete Web History timeline

A Guide To Modern CSS Colors With RGB, HSL, HWL, LAB and LCH

Did you know that your chosen color palette can have an impact on how much energy your website uses? Even a more environmentally friendly choice of colors can reduce the impact on the battery life of mobile devices. In this article, Michelle Barker shares advice on the not-so-obvious things you have to keep in mind when handling colors in CSS today.

The “Advanced Git” series

This article is part of our “Advanced Git” which guides you through everything you need to know about git

Auto-Sizing Columns in CSS Grid: auto-fill vs auto-fit

One of the most powerful and convenient CSS Grid features is that, in addition to explicit column sizing, we have the option to repeat-to-fill columns in a Grid, and then auto-place items in them. More specifically, our ability to specify how many columns we want in the grid and then letting the browser handle the responsiveness of those columns for us, showing fewer columns on smaller viewport sizes, and more columns as the screen estate allows for more, without needing to write a single media query to dictate this responsive behavior.

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