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5 Articles every WebDev should read this week (#51)

A curated list of the top five web development must-reads from last week. Don't miss out on the latest web development stories and insights. Read all about the cutting edge in web development, working in tech and the new tools and frameworks while learning a few new tricks.

React Conf 2021 Recap

Last week we hosted our 6th React Conf. In previous years, we’ve used the React Conf stage to deliver industry changing announcements such as React Native and React Hooks. This year, we shared our multi-platform vision for React, starting with the release of React 18 and gradual adoption of concurrent features.

Improving Core Web Vitals, A Smashing Magazine Case Study

At Smashing, we’ve struggled with amber Core Web Vitals score for a while. Then after 6 months we finally managed to fix it. Here’s a little case study on how we detected and fixed the bottlenecks, and how we ended up with green scores, all the way.

Why are hyperlinks blue?

The internet has ingrained itself into every aspect of our lives, but there’s one aspect of the digital world that I bet you take for granted. Did you ever notice that many links, specifically hyperlinks, are blue? When a co-worker casually asked me why links are blue, I was stumped.

Writing clean JavaScript tests with the BASIC principles

Production code, the main code where the features live, might not be perfect. That’s a risk or a debt that teams manage in multiple ways. For testing code, the risk is much more dramatic — It can be abandoned altogether. Vanish, gone, not doing anything anymore. Hundreds of coding hours, meetings, and sweat can just get lost.

Guidelines for choosing a Node.js framework

I often see the question "What’s the best Node.js framework?" crop up on message boards and social media. The replies tend to be full of strong opinions. Some developers will even get into arguments about it. If you’re trying to figure out the right framework for your project, none of this is going to be much help.

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