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martin rojas
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In 2021, Yarn vs. NPM Is there a better one?

So I know that this is one of those topics that's more about preference in 2021. I want to hear from both sides and see if my assumptions need to be updated.

Personally I favor Yarn and have done so for about 4 years working mostly on React projects in teams with 3 - 10 developers. Yarn and it's locked files removed issues of dependencies being a different version and sometimes causing weirdness. Similarly the CI versions have seem to create consistent builds. Finally the lock file is stable and only really changes when a package version is updated, while the last time I used npm the lock file updated a lot more often for no reason.

I would love to hear and have a discussion on the state of NPM and Yarn what the feelings are out there.

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Thanh Minh • Edited

Since v5, npm has improved a lot in speed. Now npm is faster than yarn. I tested it on cloud server as well as my PC and the result is pretty good for npm.

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Dhaiwat Pandya

I don't know if it's 'better', but there is pnpm.

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Ishan Tiwari

Yarn is wayyyy better then npm atleast for me. It just throws npm out in every spec either performance or speed or whatever.

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José Thomaz

yarn is much faster, at least for my PC