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Dead simple State Management with Stoxy


Stoxy is a new, modern, reactive state management system for web applications.

It's a small, dependencyless, extensible set of functions to create stateful features for you web app, and even persist them through sessions.


Stoxy requires no setup. After the install with

npm install @stoxy/core
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You don't need to hassle with reducers, nor any initial state objects, you can immediately start writing stateful applications.

import { write } from '@stoxy/core';

const userData = {
    userName: "Stoxy",
    shoppingCart: [
        { id: 123, name: "Flaming hot cheetos" }
    shoppingHistory: {
        latestProducts: [
            { id: 555, name: "Doritos" },
            { id: 958, name: "Pringles" }

write("userData", userData);
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Persisting objects through sessions can be done on a per-key basis with a single command

import { persistKey } from '@stoxy/core';

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Reading data through the promise based API is made simple too:

read('shoppingcart').then(shoppingCartItems => { => console.log(item));
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There are multiple user-tailored functions at your disposal for more specific actions too. Read more about them at the docs.


Stoxy can be run anywhere, with any framework. Even with no framework at all.

Currently Stoxy ships with element mixins for Web Components and hooks for React/Preact.

Read more about Stoxy at the site:

Stoxy just reached 50 stars in Github. Join the stargazers at GitHub!

Top comments (5)

bertmeeuws profile image
Bert Meeuws

How would this compete against easy peasy store?

matsuuu profile image

First thing I can clearly see is: Size:

Another is that Stoxy utilizes the IndexedDB for performance over session/localstorage.

Indexeddb is also a better way for for example offline first applications

Third would be the framework agnosticity. Easy peasy (seems at least) is for React

amani_art profile image
Austine Amani

It's okay. But valtio takes it for me. Valtio also works well in react native

helloitsm3 profile image

What’s the benefit over Redux? Will this be able to replace redux or is it just another state management similar to React context?

matsuuu profile image
Matsuuu • Edited

The benefit over redux is the ease of entry, and a way more simplified, more concise API.

The package is about as small as the redux core, and way smaller than redux toolkit.

Stoxy also ships with persistence in mind from the get go, so you don't need to install any extra libraries to get said functionality.

What made me create the lib was the convoluted mess of reducers and setup you needed for even the simplest of state operations, which could be one-liners, like stoxy does