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5 Tips for eCommerce Web Design Client Relationship

Client relation tips for eCommerce website designers and developers

2020 has been a challenging year for everyone and this might be until a vaccine is found. Schools are closed, so as malls, restaurants are partly open, in short, some businesses are trying to bounce back but mostly they are for closure. As you could notice, everyone is becoming digitally connected in different platforms as they stay at home. They can do e-learnings, shop online, or have their food from their favorite restaurant delivered as well as their groceries, which is just a fingertip away. With our present ordeal, we can take advantage of eCommerce web design eCommerce web design and eCommerce web development to those who are not yet plugged in.

So, what are the things we need to remember to produce a satisfied customer?

Remember that they come their way to seek for advice, at the same time trust us with their business, because they want their ballgame to be a step forward to victory. Their success is also our triumph so we need to take good care of them in every possible scenario. So here are some tips on how to maintain a good relationship with our client.

1. Communicate the process effectively.

Doing eCommerce website design sounds pretty easy. It may sound like: “let’s do this, let’s put this one here, and this one there” and voila that should attract customers. Nope, there is no such thing as a definite formula and that is not how it works. UX design should be conveyed in not how we want it presented but how we want to say things to the user. Know your audience and what channels you can reach them in. Take note that 85% of users expect the mobile version of the website to be faster than the desktop. Keep in mind that we aim to know and provide an effective user experience effective user experience for our Carter.

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2. Speak in layman’s term

Not everyone understands what we say. For example, we are talking to a client and discussing the application interface for eCommerce web development. Suddenly, the client becomes curious about how we're going to do it. So normally, this is how we say it: “we’re going to create a different kind of API to break down the task”. “What the heck is API?” might cross a man’s mind. Then we realized we need to be more detailed. We can say, we’ll have content management for xAPI, which is the learning system. Process APIs for the payment process, tax service, and order processing. System APIs like payment, address, customer name, which handles system-specific connections and settings. Make sure that before you close the deal the client fully understands what is going to happen and about to happen.

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3. Enough of the WYSIWYG (What You Say Is What You Get)

Once you’re done with your eCommerce web development eCommerce web development , show your client your draft, have it previewed before publishing it. It's easy to tweak stuff when your audience hasn't participated yet. The value on a live system for user experience won't be affected nor bring negative feedback. Also, if you have a better idea, lay it down but don't assert it firmly. It is still the client who will decide, but unfold the pros and cons of it. Never agree to all the demands if you see it's not feasible.

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4. Follow-through your customer

When you’re done publishing it, don’t forget to do a follow-through. Check on them, ask about their experience with the eCommerce web design system. A little chit chat won't hurt. It brings stellar customer service, as they can feel you care about the business and not just the money, they pay you off.

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5. Smile, Be Happy

When you are happy, you can be more productive, more creative and you send positive vibes throughout your workplace. Life is not just about designing or encoding scripts for your eCommerce website, you need to mix it with some fun. It can be detrimental when you do it too much. Take note that your customer can feel you even if you don’t say a thing, so it’s better to unleash that optimism. Clients tend to put their walls down when they can sense sanguine in you. If they become annoying just smile, but don't ever fake it.

The parting shot

For us web designers and developers, it may be a challenge to design or develop an eCommerce web system even if it is done routinely due to the new trends that we also need to adapt. Another factor is knowing who is our audience, how we could send the right message to them to get traffic to the client's website. Indeed, developing has evolved into things that we have not expected before. Chatbots who make things convenient for the user interaction. The images from static to dynamic. Now, we have VRs and ARs to augment UX. We need to remember that we also need to take care of our clients, without them, we don't exist. Their experience with us will measure how we satisfied them. If it is great, we get commended at the same time, be recommended to others. It should not just purely work that we need to finish right away as human interaction is part of quality over quantity.

If there's anything you want to add please feel free to comment below and let's learn from each other.

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