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SeeClickFix is looking for Rails and JavaScript Engineers!

Are you a coder? (Rhetorical question, if you're on this site it's guaranteed you are). Are you located in or near New Haven CT, a city I'm about to move into since it's awesome? Interested in doing work for on of the top 311 apps in the app store? Are you a human being and not an anchovy?

If you answered yes to all of the above, then please consider applying to an engineer position at SeeClickFix!

What is SeeClickFix?

SeeClickFix is a 311 app that helps connect citizens to municipal government to improve their communities. Citizens report local issues on the app, like potholes, broken street lamps, potholes, excess trash, potholes, weather damage, and sometimes potholes. Municipal governments see these issues, assign them to workers, update citizens on their status, fix them, and tell their community it's fixed.

We're currently active in over 100 cities across the country, with recent launches in Wilton CT and Burlington VT. We also attend (and even host!) different events related to civic tech, and are very active in that community.

Our main site also had a recent redesign, thanks to yours truly.

What's the Engineering Role like?

SeeClickFix currently has openings focused in two areas: Rails and JavaScript. The latter is currently built in Ember, but experience in other single-page app frameworks, like React and Angular, also work. A few areas you'd likely focus on while here include:

  • Mapping
  • Geospatial databases
  • Workflow management
  • External integrations
  • Social networks
  • Data analysis
  • Accessibility

There's also some requisite areas to be familiar with:

  • Comfortable with change and continuous learning
  • Am able to work at the SeeClickFix New Haven office in CT
  • Familiar with testing methodologies and frameworks
  • Familiar with building and shipping production applications
  • Comfortable with git or other revision control systems

The workflow itself also has lots of pair programming, so expect lots of learning and teaching with your coworkers here. For example, if you get the Rails position, expect to teach me more about Ruby and databases while I teach you more about CSS, pattern libraries, and the secret tunnels in the office building (when you're ready).

Plus, free lunch once a week!

Want to Apply?

Interested or want more info? See our original job posting and send us a message with the following information:

  • A copy of your resume (text or PDF please) and/or links to an online resume
  • Links to any other resources that you think would help us learn about you (blog, GitHub, apps, etc)
  • A brief description of your work experience related to Rails, Javascript, or the front-end
  • A link to an article, blog entry, tutorial, slide deck, etc. about software development or technology that you recently found interesting

If you apply, tell them Max from sent you!

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bengreenberg profile image
Ben Greenberg

New Haven is an awesome place to live and not far from NYC via Metro North for an occasional day in the city. Sadly too far for me for a regular commute but love what you are doing. Good luck!

ben profile image
Ben Halpern

You've got me wanting to work there now! But if I took that job, who'd maintain the job listing's code? 🤔

bengreenberg profile image
Ben Greenberg

Now that is a quandary! :)

maxwell_dev profile image
Max Antonucci

I totally agree, it is a great place to be! I'm about to make a big move there, and will have a nice walking commute through part of the city each day :)

andy profile image
Andy Zhao (he/him)

New Haven is great! Just a comfy two hour train ride away. Also, not a bad walking city.

letsbsocial1 profile image
Maria Campbell

You go Max! Very nice site!