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Paulo Medeiros
Paulo Medeiros

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Contributors needed (Pentest/networking project)

Hawk is a network and pentest utility that I developed so that I could perform different kinds of task using the same suite, instead of jumping from one tool to another.
Currently, this script can perform a good variety of tasks such as:

  • ifconfig,
  • ping,
  • traceroute,
  • port scans (including SYN, TCP, UDP, ACK, comprehensive scan), host discovery (scan for up devices on a local network),
  • MAC address detection (get MAC address of a host IP on a local network),
  • banner grabbing,
  • DNS checks (with geolocation information),
  • WHOIS,
  • subdomain enumeration,
  • vulnerability reconnaissance, -
  • packet sniffing,
  • MAC spoofing,
  • IP spoofing,
  • SYN flooding,
  • deauth attack,
  • brute-force attack (beta).

Other features are still being implemented. Future implementations may include WAF detection, DNS enumeration, traffic analysis, XSS vulnerability scanner, ARP cache poisoning, DNS cache poisoning, MAC flooding, ping of death, network disassociation attack (not deauth attack), OSINT, exploits, some automated tasks and others.
If you want to become a contributor, make a pull request or issue.
Waiting for your feedback. Kudos
Link to the repository:

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Bernd Wechner

I'm a tad too busy for that, but can't help but wonder if Kali Linux doesn't already basically nail everything, and running it in a VirtualBox to hammer whatever you want to test isn't already the go to tool? Not sure. Just curious, as it's where I'd go.

As an aside, if you want to broaden your appeal, even just a little bit, I would cordially advise saving some folk the cocked-eyebrow and subsequent websearch to nail your jargon and let them know you're looking at Penetration Testing .... pentest is cute, but to be honest means little more than grabbing a ball point pen and scribbling on the corner of some scrap paper to see if it works, to much of the world, some of which might rise to your call (as people learning about X are often a great pool of labour for working on tools in X - worse, they tend to duplicate a lot of effort producing tools in parallel).

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