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My experiences in Hacktoberfest as a Newbie

✨This is my first hacktoberfest! ✨

Hello 👋 Hacktoberfest2020

Hello, I'm meharab. i am a undergraduate cse student. i am preparing myself to become a web developer


i am brand new to open source. i code for a while but never give thought 💭 collaboration with other developers that i do not know! if it isn't for hactoberfest i might not be able to collaborate with other developers!


i did my first pull requests in github in the hacktoberfest2020! also learn tons of thing about github and open source!


As a newbie i was confused! because in experience i know only c & c++! then it hit me , i can share my problem solutions that i have solve during contests! here are my contributions


Overall, my Hacktoberfest 2020 experience was total blast ! as a first-timer, i have so much fun and willing to participate again next year. i have learned tons of things about github and open source. can't wait for next year!!!

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