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I'm in the same boat (sort of; high motivation BUT low energy, plus long-ingrained personal vices I need to unlearn such as overanalyzing, worrying, guilt at not working hard enough, bad time management etc).

How I deal with this:

  • Tackle the "blocking" personal problems (still working on it)
  • TIME TRACKING & MANAGEMENT!* Can't stress how helpful it is. Managing your time well means you have enough time for rest, relaxation, personal & community commitments, work, and learning. Be very mindful about where your time goes. I'm still working on this, too, but already seeing some improvement.
  • Document your learning (in writing, video streaming, whatever). Not only is it a concrete proof of your learning journey which boost motivation, but it also helps you remember things you forget down the road.

*) I'm aware not everyone can do that; just try to do time tracking & management as much as your circumstances allow.


This is the developers writers-block, it happens and could last for days to weeks (personally, for several months) and is triggered when the mind is not being inspired, usually by boring periods of mundane tasks and/or life events -- kills the creative spark, energy levels drop, the mind goes into dormancy.

You have to find something inspiring, a problem, the mind likes to solve puzzles, to kick-out of writers block. Take a break, go outdoors.


I know that situation... I just wait some days or the time i need until i get the motivation i lost :)

Hope you get it another time !


I still learn, but, in an other way.

I watch documentaries, read articles on dev.to for example, I rest to be in shape after, ...

Good luck !


i will get a releax ,eg play douyin app or play out of home.

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