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My website design is not like others

When I create a website or something such as small scripts always I ask my self if this website's code is good or just I imagine. my website looks good and amazing for me like I have thought before I created it but I always think that is other websites are so good exactly their codes...
sometimes when i see a design in a website I know I can do it but when i see their code... it is so different from my code, they write class divs and other elements in another way.
How can I know that is my code is good ? it must be like their codes ?
I can do a lot of things when i am practicing but I have problem with my self when I saw a website coding with another way and a lot of details...

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Ben Halpern

How can I know that is my code is good?

Contributing to open source is a good way to find this out. If you make a PR you'll get pretty quick feedback on whether you are doing it right. "Right" is subjective, but the more you do it with different projects, the more you triangulate on the proper principles.