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Hey there! You can colorize text in code blocks, but not the regular text.

To use a code block, type wrap some code with triple back ticks:
code block with no colors example

To colorize it, add a language immediately after the first set of triple back ticks:
code block with colors example

You can find more info in our editor guide: dev.to/p/editor_guide


Thanks Andy. Maybe worth it to allow color text snipped, irrelevant to text? But it is probably beyond Markdown scope ...


I think it may be. Perhaps you could use a Codepen embed as described in the guide?

I presume it only works with Language source code? Not with just any text?


carbon.now.sh is a good option if you don't mind sharing your code as an image. A reader wouldn't get the copy/paste option, but you can create a colorful image.

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