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Top Heroku Alternatives for free

Recently Heroku will shutdown free Heroku Dynos, free Heroku Postgres, and free Heroku Data for Redis after November 28th, 2022.

So, after some research on some of free alternatives provider I have gone through them all and see if it is free then I have included in my list that I am providing you πŸ˜Žβ­πŸ˜€.

1.Netlify - Host serverless apps

Netlify - link

You can try this one if you use serverless backend as you can make api with it.

For Reference:-
fullstack on netlify

2.Cloudflare - Best for Static Site.


Pair (unlimited hosting 100% free, no underlying conditions), with (very generous free plan for serverless functions), and all the other cool stuff (R2, Durable Objects, KV, etc.), and it's a powerhouse!

Cloudflare references blog

3.Cyclic - Deploy full stack Node JS apps in seconds.

If you are MERN Stack developer then this is best for you.

It provides many things such as

  • For Frontend:- React, Next, Vue, Svelte.
  • For Backend:- Express, Node JS.
  • DataBase.
  • Even Bots :- Slack Bot.

If you sign up using my link you will get $10 free credit.

4.Deta – The Cloud for Developers

Get your Python & Node.js apps / APIs on the internet in seconds.

Deta is free for ever.

5. Firebase - Fast and secure web hosting

Firebase Hosting provides fast and secure hosting for your web app, static and dynamic content, and microservices.

6. Railway - Made for any language.

It also provide many language supports such Node Js, Django, Laravel, Kotlin spring, ruby and more....

According to me, you must try this. This is perfect for us as it will provide predefined template for all languages.

If you sign up using my link you will get $10 free credit.

7. Render - The fastest

way to host all your web apps.

It provides also

  • DataBase:-Redis, Postgres.

Here is the list of features


Open source Software delivery workflow for kubernetes.

9.Fly - Run your full stack apps all over the world.

Every app will works on this.

Build with your favorite framework, ship on If you can build it into a Dockerfile, we can run it.

10.Fathym - Develop and deploy micro frontends in a headless, open world.

I would highly recommend this if you want to build Micro Frontend App then must try at once.

11. Back4app - Low-code backend to build modern apps

From databases to blockchain storage, we’ve got your backend covered

12.Dom Cloud - Classic Web Hosting Made Easy

A hosting service that serves all.

This is experimental as I have not tried before. Let me know if you are going to use.

13.Adaptable - The easiest way to deploy your FullStack App

Just connect your GitHub repository and let Adaptable handle the rest.


Production-ready infrastructure and application templates to build solutions on AWS without ever opening the console.

15.Coherence - The First Developer Experience Platform

Get dev environments, full-stack branch previews, and deployments in one cohesive development experience β€” running in your cloud.

If you are college student, then you will access Microsoft Azure Services.
So,you can host your backend app such as Node JS, Django, PHP.


These are my list that, up till now, I have found and share with you so that you can use it for free and make you website live ⭐.

So, which one you are going to try?

Let me know in comment section. Moreover, If anything left in my list, please share it in comment as well πŸ‘.

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sokhavuth profile image
Sokhavuth TIN • Edited

Deta is the best choice if you want everything for free forever and unlimited space for database and applications. I think Deta is sponsored by the German government.

Sloan, the sloth mascot
Comment deleted
filix profile image
Filip Ilić

What's their end goal? How do they earn money? I get something like firebase. But this is like, sponsored by German gov because they just want devs to be happy and productive. Maybe capitalism created this trust isues in me, but I need to know what do they get from thisπŸ˜ƒ

sokhavuth profile image
Sokhavuth TIN • Edited

I think maybe the EU wants to compete with the US by expanding their influence around the world. And the Internet is an option for this reason. However, here is Deta 's answer to the question how they make money:

How are you going to make money?
We're working on a big, parallel product that we will be announcing soon. This product will be responsible for generating revenue. Stay tuned!

collimarco profile image
Marco Colli

Cuber is also an alternative to Heroku.

You define a Cuberfile with about ~10 lines of code that describe your application, then you type cuber deploy in your terminal to deploy your app on Kubernetes on any cloud provider.

Cuber is free and open source and Kubernetes is usually much cheaper than a PaaS like Heroku. Also if you use Cuber you don't have to deal with all the complexity of Kubernetes.

meshvpatel18 profile image
Meshv Patel

Thanks, I will add this in my list. πŸ€—β­

v3ss0n profile image
Phyo Arkar Lwin

wow thats acutally kind of kubernets i am looking. , let me check

wutangpaul profile image
Paul McClean • Edited

Be extremely careful when signing up for the "free" tier of any of these services, particularly ones that require a credit card (most of them). Use a disposable, one-time card if you can.

Not mentioning any names, but I've experienced firsthand some extremely shady practices that have ended up with with me receiving unexpected billing for services I never used.

nathbabs profile image

Wow thanks, what services do you know that offers disposable one time card?

wutangpaul profile image
Paul McClean


Thread Thread
nathbabs profile image

Thank you, is it available outside the UK ?

Thread Thread
gnidustotalus profile image

Yep, it is.

wutangpaul profile image
Paul McClean

Additionally, having tried a good few of these in the past, I can highly recommend both Netlify and Vercel. I'm also currently playing with Deta and it is super cool. Great user experience.

otumianempire profile image
Michael Otu

It says when one door closes another opens. I just learnt there were a lot of alternatives to heroku. Could heroku have had a better approach to this without taking away free-tier? I think instead of the free-tier, maybe users could have a limited free usage. Maybe 550MB storage free and when you exceed that you'd pay the extra.

revoltez profile image

i think they could have made the free tier only available using a credit card like aws or azure or gcp do and still maintain their fans

swapnilmmane profile image
Swapnil M Mane • Edited

Thank you Meshv for compiling this list, indeed a great one. πŸš€
I would also like to mention Webiny as an alternative - it will also allow users to Embrace Serverless.
For a little over two years, we have been building Webiny. It's a Headless CMS you can use for your personal blog ... but it's not only a Headless CMS: it's a fully-featured application framework that you can use to scaffold unique applications that will have access to the existing setup we have built via plugins. More details on leveraging the power of serverless can be found here.

agonzales profile image
Alexandre Gonzales is an alternative to Heroku and compatible with Heroku buildpacks.

appurist profile image
Paul / Appurist

Glad to see Netlify, CloudFlare, Deta and Render in this list; all very interesting hosting options for different purposes. I'm especially interested in seeing where Deta ends up in another year or two.

But one of the most complete for multiple purposes is missing, and that is Supabase:

  • very complete users/authentication (much simpler than Auth0)
  • very easy to use Postgres database with row-level security so you may not even need a back-end server at all
  • storage for files (S3-compatible)
  • serverless edge functions
  • generous free tier
albertc44 profile image
Al Chen

Which one has the ability to push via command line as simple as Heroku's git push heroku master?

meshvpatel18 profile image
Meshv Patel

Well, I let you know.

wildvasa profile image
𝙹-𝙾 π™΄πš›πš’πš”πšœπšœπš˜πš—

@albertc44 Render has kind of that, but maybe simpler. You put a render.yaml in your project root. It describes what services you want at render (i.e. postgresql) and how to configure it.

Then connect your project on GitHub to your render account. When you do git push to GitHub it automatically deploys to render (if you want to).

chrisme profile image
Chris with the

fly deploy


aubuchcl profile image
Chris Aubuchon

You should 100% add Cycle to this list - it has a much higher ceiling than heroku, railway, rendr, etc... but maintains approachability for developers that are keen to stay focused on code.

kkrypt0nn profile image

Nice list, I never knew there were actually that many πŸ˜†
I'd also add that Vercel is a nice, also pretty similar to Netlify.

abdhafizahmed profile image

Add Fleek to the list. It's as simple as deploying on netlify but supports web3 so your page can be stored forever on IPFS (even if your domain name expires) without the need to deal with the complexities of web3 development.

yusadolat profile image
Yusuf Adeyemo

Koyeb is a very good alternative I found lately.

Koyeb is a developer-friendly serverless platform to deploy apps globally. No-ops, servers, or infrastructure management.

I wrote an article on how to migrate from Heroku to Koyeb here

ddaypunk profile image
Andy Delso

What about Vercel?

arjundev profile image

Patr can also be a great option. It provides features like Deployments, Static Sites, Databases, CI/CD, Managing Domains, URLs, Secrets on the free plan.

andrewbaisden profile image
Andrew Baisden

Its good to know that there are so many alternatives to Heroku its going to limit the damage of having it go behind a paywall πŸ˜‚