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Joan Boixadós
Joan Boixadós

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everyday is App Of The Day on the AppStore! (1200 days later ;D)

Hello IndieHackers!

If you are looking for a story of instant success, then move onto the next tab. Nothing to see here!

If otherwise you are in for the long term, then you might want to read on.

The TLDR is simply that finally, has been featured as App Of The Day on the AppStore for several countries!! 🔥🎉🎉


It's been:

The point being... that I didn't start yesterday. I just did a little bit every day, for a very long time.

This is my current streak!
Work on streak

Of course not every day has been equally productive (especially when you have a lot of support emails piling up 😄) but that doesn't matter. Compounding progress and keeping the momentum is what matters in the long term. And I'm happy to start feeling like I've arrived to that long term when things start to happen without me pushing for them alone. Today, work that felt meaningless before is adding up to something beautiful to experience. Today, is the App Of The Day! 🎉🎉

Every little piece of work and effort, builds up, and sometimes, the return dowsn't show immediately. So keep shipping, 'do the ting' and also.. 'do the marketing', EVERY DAY!!

PS: It is always a good opportunity to share` awesome-indie, the awesome repository of resources for indie hackers to make money off their sideprojects]( :)
PS2: If you are in Barcelona, make sure to join us at the next IndieHackers Barcelona meetup and say hi!
PS3: You think you can help me grow faster? Reach out at joan at and let's talk about it :)

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Aman Mittal

Amazing! Congrats, Joan 🎉

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Joan Boixadós Author

Ty Aman! :)

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Take a look at this:


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