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Markos Giannopoulos
Markos Giannopoulos

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Pleasing our Lord Google: A work in progress

Improving the Core Web Vitals metrics does not seem to have any serious effect in incoming traffic from Google. In this example from one of our projects, impressions are up 15% (see cover photo) but clicks are more or less the same. At least the CWV charts looks is encouraging.
Core Web Vitals chart

Does that mean the work is useless? No, probably it just means that this is the new baseline. As every other site on the web (or at least the ones active on continuous improvement) tries to also improve their CWV numbers, you also need to do the same just to keep your existing traffic.

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The roll out wont be complete until the end of August so you probably won't get any meaningful data until then.

Put another update up in a month as it would be interesting to see if you do see any improvements once the CWV update has fully rolled out.

I would be really interested to see if others are seeing similar results to what we are seeing (we have one site that seems to have had a massive jump, others have stayed pretty static)!

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Markos Giannopoulos

Thanks for the insight about the rollout, will post an update next month. :)