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Deno on Cloud Run

michaelsolati profile image Michael Solati twitter logo github logo ・1 min read

Deno 1.0 launched just 24 hours ago! So we’re going to install Deno and set up a web server. Then we’ll containerize and deploy it to Google Cloud Run, Googles fully managed compute platform for deploying and scaling containerized apps quickly. Think Cloud Functions meets Docker.

Try the code yourself

I upload videos like this one as well as live stream coding session on my YouTube channel.

To keep up with everything I’m doing, follow me on Twitter and If you’re thinking, “Show me the code!” you can find me on GitHub.

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Great demo of Deno. I didn't know this but I find it very interesting.
And I love the video, it is very interesting to launch it and listen.


Great quick demo of Deno ! I was thinking a while ago how to deploy this on the web, and surely docker is the way to go. Thank you for sharing this.


This looks like it's worth more investigation 🤓


So on the ball! Thanks for this Michael 🙏


Deno is still not stable, so it's not a good idea to implement it anywhere. You can still experiment with it.

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