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Michael Tharrington
Michael Tharrington

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I'm Michael, and I support self-identifying women & non-binary devs.

I ran a bit short on time during SheCoded and never actually posted this article I was working on.

That being said, March 6th - 9th is a short window, and I think it's totally cool if we continue to share these stories even after the celebration is over. 💜

What I think equality in tech looks like…

  • Equal pay and equal respect for self-identifying women & non-binary folks working in this industry.
  • Acceptance and celebration of self-identifying women & non-binary folks as they are. This means allowing these devs to be themselves and not trying to conform them to any particular mold or expectation of how a developer is supposed to act.
  • Acknowledgement of the difficult struggles that self-identifying women & non-binary folks face — dismissal, silencing, misogyny, to name just a few... and additional acknowledgement that this negativity comes disproportionately from men. Not to mention, supporting self-identifying women & non-binary devs when they face these issues, and speaking out against those who perpetuate this toxic environment.
  • Actively seeking to use inclusive language and not being defensive when folks call you out for getting it wrong.

I will advocate for equality by…

  • Listening more intently to self-identifying women & non-binary folks while trying to avoid steering the conversation toward my own experience.
  • Acknowledging that my background as a white cisgender male puts me in a very privileged position and using that privilege to elevate self-identifying women & non-binary folks.
  • Related to the above, recruiting more self-identifying women & non-binary folks to be moderators on DEV! Please check out this page and hit us up if you want to join! 💜
  • Celebrating and promoting self-identifying women & non-binary folks who share their stories and tutorials on DEV!
  • Trying my best to be aware of using inclusive language and graciously accepting criticism when I get it wrong.

My advice for fellow allies to support self-identifying women and non-binary folks who code is...

  • Elevate the self-identifying women & non-binary folks around you by advocating for them to have higher wages & trusted positions. Plus take the time to get to know them and be their friends.
  • Listen when they speak! Be empathetic to self-identifying women & non-binary folks whose experience is different than yours.
  • Check out the tags: #SheCoded & #TheyCoded and listen to the many awesome posts by self-identifying women & non-binary folks. Afterward, check out #SheCodedAlly where you'll find more awesome stories.

Thanks for reading! 💜

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chrismis79 profile image
Christine Fletcher

Thank you for your voice!

memitaru profile image
Ami Scott (they/them)

It feels amazing to see this support and inclusion. 💜I'm a nonbinary dev and it can be really hard to find communities where I feel like I have a place.

jess profile image
Jess Lee

Thank you for having these values and for ensuring they shine through all the work you do at DEV 💜