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TGIF is that still a thing during the pandemic?

Don't get me wrong I love working from home. The flexibility, not having to spend xx minutes driving to and from a physical office, getting to work in your jammies. But there is something about wfh that is different during a pandemic. I have worked from home on and off during my various positions over the last few decades and to me wfh was always ranked in the top three perks, but lately, lately it just makes me crazy. Maybe it is because it seems like in these days I am losing my control on work balance. I wake up, check emails, grab some tea, look at my to do list, brush my teeth, maybe grab a shower, (but if I am being real, that might not happen until 3pm or later) then start my review of my things to do, create a new things to do, start a project, finish a project, join zoom calls (o wait that means I need to be dressed and presentable at least from the waist up) brush my hair, throw on some blush, grab some water, maybe get a quick bite for lunch at my desk, continue to work, conference calls, emails, work, zoom, add more to my to do lists, create a wiki, start a story board in Jira, and this is a constant loop of my days. Some call week days Blursday, and I couldn't agree more. With no where to go and most activities cancelled it really give me time to focus--but that seems to be focus on work, because my to do lists get longer, and I am not running the kids around or going to sporting events or dining out (aww the good ole days). What's the cure? I need to re-create a solid plan for life work balance. The first step to success is admitting you have a problem (check) but then what are the next steps?

I think it isn't a bad idea to actually schedule breaks and taking a digital detox, is there a 12 step program for that? I look forward to your tips for staying sane while working from home during a pandemic. Again don't get me wrong work from home is a perk, but some how I blurred the lines and need some tricks from you.

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