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How Do People Not Realize Devs are Creative?! Allow Me to Demonstrate.

True or False. Developers are highly creative and intuitive.

I feel like most of the world (outside of IT or software people) would answer false.
Not me, no way. I answer truthfully. Let me know your thoughts.

Web developers are very creative but in different ways. They use their minds logically, formulating code, and have to utilize their creative minds because development and programming are not a straight path from A to Z. Workarounds have to be used, more often than not, or sometimes code has to be implemented by writing new code. I think writing code that creatively implements functionality rather than logical mathematic code or performs a simple function.

Front-end developers use their left-side creative brain to implement design into functional website pages or front-end applications. They use inventive thinking to create things that look good and also adhere to a path that visually designs this feature function in a specific way. Think of this as code manipulation that includes and the visual elements, a stream-lined and user-friendly fashion that doesn't rely on an editor or a designer.

Time Management, we know we have a forever growing list, and our projects are always a P1, but web devs use their creativity with their time. Time management requires the skill to code effectively creatively; think of it creatively and manage to code. We have to think way outside of the box and get creative because time waits for no dev.
Code inspiration and project research are a foundation for a web developer, are linked closely, and reflect the designer responsibilities how are always looked at as the creative on the team.

UX and design is a big portion of the job that overlaps designer and dev responsibilities. One of the biggest key takeaways is understanding the UX and design, which we can all agree are both considered highly creative minds.

Back-end devs use their creative mind to figure out how a system is used, how it can grow, and plan for future code development.
Creativity is a key factor for devs coding or program choices. Most of us are proficient in multiple program languages (my goal, truly). But with knowing different languages, we have to think they what language or program would work best for this task. We need to balance judgment and creativityβ€”no small feat.
Devs troubleshoot, problem-solve by nature, and yes, you guessed it, it is naturally creative.

Great devs practice sometimes hourly problem solving that demands a creative mind and approach to developing solutions for a problem or task.

Wouldn’t you agree that most devs are creative? Too often, developers are stereotyped as focus, serious, head-down, hoodie up just let me code persona, when in fact we are multi-faceted in our talents.

Code On!

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Eduardo Cookie Lifter

Even graphic design or Design as a whole, share their own methods to follow, why? Because Design is not "art", so it's not enough to be creative for a designer, you have to also know a path from A to Z, Bauhaus was the first place to introduce this thought-behaviour into their students. Many people think of design as art when they're completely the opposite. I think being creative is using what I have at reach for my advantage to solve a problem or to come up with a solution in a time frame.

krishan111 profile image

The place where people express their views and do etc stuff are made by Devs, than how could devs be less creative 🌟

giorgosk profile image
Giorgos Kontopoulos πŸ‘€

The subject is good but I believe it does not really provide any concrete example of creativity. The areas you are touching are good examples of creativity but it does not convince me that a dev is creative. Conclusions as to why a dev is creative in each section are not explained nor are easily deducted.

Article needs proof-reading which also takes away of the reading flow.

Here is a few suggestion

what is the difference between these two phrases ?
"let me know what you think and you can tell me what you think."

perhaps your missing a NOT here ?
"development and programming are a straight path from A to Z"

michelledev3 profile image
michelledev • Edited

Thanks Giorgos and thanks for the tips, I made some revisions ;)

ironcladdev profile image
Conner Ow

A lot of this is true and I can relate to the things that go on in my mind. I am a fifteen-year-old fullstack developer without a job and really, what happens when I want to make something is I will think in my mind, "I want to make a certain project." If I don't know how to make it, I'll start and then do some research and then eventually, it comes out. If I want to make something and I know how to make it, I'll just do it.

I do use both sides of my brain to create a project. First I make part of the frontend and then from the backend I finish that page and then move on.

That is just how my brain works and I'm sure that's the way a lot of people think as well.

cairnswm profile image
William Cairns

I think of myself as creative, but not artistic

michelledev3 profile image

Thanks Daniel!

devlorenzo profile image

Nice one!