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Quarantine Project: Ideations based learning app created using react-native & reactjs

Learning something always requires dedicated time and effort and learning programming is no different. You need to start from the basics and build up the knowledge of syntax and constructs and then write the first hello world program. The rest of the things that we learn in programming are mostly out of requirements. Of course, there are algorithms, DS, and other things that are a must learn for every developer.

I have been a developer for the past 15 years and has worked on many programming languages and frameworks.

The lockdown period of 2020 gave me time to think of a better and easy way o learning the topics. There different coding groups in Instagram that generate simple content like images and we can swipe and see each of them. But most of the content is generated using professional design tools and may not be a necessary skill set of a seasoned programmer.

This gave the idea for microideation. This is a simple platform where a developer or a person with skill can go and create content using basic formatting and images. These are presented to the user as ideations. The ideations are 500 characters or less content and need to be self-contained. They may have links to related content. Users can use simple swipe gestures to see the content and learn about topics. Each topic tasks less than 30 seconds or read time and explains the concept concisely. If the user is interested in a particular subject, they can freeze and follow topics from that.

As the topics are 30 seconds read and self-contained, they can be used for casual learning or refreshing of the concepts anywhere-anytime.

I have already created content on programming languages/concepts


React JS

React Native


Version Control

Alt Text

I envision this as an expert-driven community where the the developers or anyone with a specific expertise can create concise content on topics.

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This can be checked out at the below link

Download the app ( No registration required and it's free )

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Indeed Great work! Like Odunsi i got hooked and check out the app :)

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Thank you so much for your kind words !!

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Joseph Odunsi • Edited

Great work. I will surely check out the app.

microideation profile image

Thank you :) !!
It has some good content on programming and development.