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Quick reference & casual learning of topics for every developer

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Programming and development require being updated about the latest trends in the area as well as remembering the basics of the language and libraries that you use every day.

The general instinct of a developer is to search for a query or problem in the stackoverflow and copy-paste the content to match the requirements. This is fine when you are trying to get things done.

But when we are really trying to learn and deep dive into a concept, we need to be able to go through the different topics and understand them in simple terms.


Microideation is a platform by someone like you who wanted to keep referring to learning concepts in a simpler way. Microideation is a topic explained in 500 or fewer characters using rich text and images. They are self-contained and you can swipe through them and learn in a casual way. Each interaction brings up an unseen but preferred content. You can follow an interesting subject or skip to the next one.

Sample content ( Data structures )

You can see a sample of the Microideations in the below video where the common data structures are explained using simple microideations.

There are over 150+ microideations currently and new content is getting added every day.

I present this as a resource to the developers created by developers for casual learning. The app is totally free ( in terms of cost as well as "ads") and is currently being supported personally. This started as a quarantine project ( built on reactjs, react-native, and java-based micro-services) and has picked up traction.

Be a contributor !!

I appeal to you if you are an expert in your field for contributing the content as microideations. The app also recognizes you as an ideator ( contributor) and displays the profile with the number of favorites and views you have received.

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