What is Python used for?

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I am learning python programming language and I am so interesting about their concepts and labraries... so as you know this programming language is so popular now and it used in a lot of programming and scientific fields but my questions is what is the top field that is so used with python... for example is it web programming with django ? or is it data science ? or security ? I Think it is used a lot in data science...


Python is fairly general purpose. I'd say it's pretty solidly "a bit of everything"β€”except frontend web development.

Python's simplicity and popularity mean it's pretty hard to go wrong, but as @rakodev , it may not be the most important question to be asking.


I think that you don't need to focus only in a language, but more on programming principles.
You can use any languages for so different things actually, there is always a tool that will help you to run your code somewhere you need. Of course some languages are more useful for some goals. I think you definitely can keep learning python but don't stay just on it, jump into other languages, technologies, everything is going so fast, you need to learn new technologies/things every x days/months/years. I think nothing is defined, you just need to find the right technology for your current project and read a lot. :)
I know that I didn't respond to your question actually, maybe someone else who has some experiences with python will respond you better.
Good luck.


All of the above! It's a really general purpose language with a lot of interesting features that make it great for a lot of subfields.


Before data-science and deep-learning, Python was mainly used as scripting tool for little software (security, network, desktop tools) because sys-admin love it.
There is some implementation for scripting inside other apps (blender, postgresql) and to work with RaspberryPi or Arduino (because it's simpler to learn than C).

I think Go and Rust will replace old python usages for sysadmin tools, Django is nice but NodeJs and PHP will stay the favourites. In future, top field will be data-science.

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