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How to offer an innovative software to a big corporation?

mihajlomladenov profile image Mihajlo Mladenov ・1 min read

First of all, I hope you are doing well in these weird times.

Few months ago I had some software ideas that I wanted to offer to some big corporations and I got the first problem: HOW?

First I've tried cold emailing (not spamming, going through proper channels to get the email from the person I need) but then I got another obstacle "not being in the same country" so we couldn't get a live meeting (they wanted it of course :) ).

So I tried offering this software idea (as well as development of it) to some local companies and it was successful.

Do you think that the geographical distance is crucial in offering innovative software ideas to big corporations and what would you suggest other than emailing directly?
I can't wait to hear your thoughts and experiences in this kind of problems.

Stay safe!


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Sadly there are no perfect solutions here, but try to think longterm as much as possible, build online relationships with some folks so they know your face and what you're up to. Don't be too pushy with everything, always seek to lend a hand where possible without explicit return to give them a chance to reciprocate.

It's a long burn, but some folks have definitely had some success developing a reputation right here on DEV—again you can't be salesy or pushy, but if you give your expertise to the community you can gain a reputation which will help in the long run as you try and make key moments happen with an email or message down the road.