Programming technologies besides your main one?

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Do you use other technologies for development besides your main one?
I work Full Stack .NET (Web and Mobile/Xamarin) and on my side projects i want to try other technologies.
I've made Blokirame in Ruby on Rails and Twitter Awards (Twitter Nagradi in Macedonian) in node.js.

I just enjoy trying other technologies for "trivial" projects. Does anyone else enjoy stuff like this?

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I work with frontend JavaScript fulltime and on the side, I am starting to learn a bit of Elixir (and eventually Phoenix). I've always wondered what the Rails dev experience was like and found that I would be able to experience something very similar working with Phoenix. Also, learning a bit about functional programming from working with Redux got me interested in the whole paradigm. The concepts of piping with pipe operators and pattern matching just seem so cool to me!


Had a blast messing with this a long time ago: github.com/grok/eltron-programming... -- basically, a way to pass instructions to a specialized printer. Using PHP (a familiar technology at the time) to allow their developers to print QR codes, bar codes, images for a mining/scientific environment.

It's great to mess with, experiment with that stuff.

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