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28 VS Code Extensions every Web Developer should know

Doesn't matter either if you are an experienced developer or just getting started, you must have heard about the VS Code. Many of you might already be using it daily.

However, if you don't, VS Code is the world's most popular Code Editor used by all kinds of developers but is most popular among web developers due to its high flexibility, customization options, etc.

One of my favorite feature about VS Code is that you can install extensions in it to make it more powerful.

Here are 28 of my favorite extensions that I believe everyone should know about. So let's jump into the list straightaway!


2021-03-14 22_27_43-

Live Server

2021-03-14 22_32_54-


2021-03-14 22_34_04-

Rainbow Brackets

2021-03-14 22_36_26-

Pair Bracket Colorizer

2021-03-19 23_04_49-Extension_ Bracket Pair Colorizer - 02 - Portfolio Site - Visual Studio Code


2021-03-19 23_05_22-

Visual Studio Intellicode

2021-03-19 23_06_20-

Better Comments

2021-03-19 23_06_53-


2021-03-19 23_07_23-

Javascript (ES6) Code Snippets

2021-03-19 23_07_54-

Path Intellisense

2021-03-19 23_08_20-

Path Autocomplete

2021-03-19 23_08_59-

Debugger for Chrome

2021-03-19 23_09_31-

Import Cost

2021-03-19 23_11_47-

NPM Intellisense

2021-03-19 23_12_14-

Paste and Indent

2021-03-19 23_12_57-

Turbo Console

2021-03-19 23_13_32-

ES7 React/Redux/GraphQL/React-Native snippets

2021-03-19 23_14_03-

Auto Rename Tag

2021-03-19 23_14_59-

Bootstrap 4 CDN

2021-03-19 23_18_31-


2021-03-19 23_19_50-Extension_ Quokka.js - 02 - Portfolio Site - Visual Studio Code

Code Spell Check

2021-03-19 23_20_50-

CSS Flexbox Cheatsheet

2021-03-19 23_21_38-

CSS Peak

2021-03-19 23_22_13-

HTML CSS Support

2021-03-19 23_22_50-

Indent Rainbow

2021-03-19 23_23_48-


2021-03-19 23_25_41-

TODO Highlights

2021-03-19 23_26_04-


Thank you so much for reading! I hope you found this blog post useful.

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Rishabh Singh ⚡

Thanks for adding more to the list! ⚡⭐🔥
Have a great day 💯

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Tom Smykowski
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Suraj Vishwakarma

Thank you for the amazing list 🔥🔥

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Rishabh Singh ⚡

You're welcome 😃
Thanks for reading ⭐🔥

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Andrew Baisden

So many good extensions here what would we do without them.

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Rishabh Singh ⚡

Well definitely we can still do a lot of amazing things as dev but using extensions just helps us speed up everything so that our brain can focus on solving problems rather than doing something over and over...

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Gulajava Ministudio

Thank you for awesome list, I have use some of them too.

And for theme, maybe you can try Mayukai Theme too