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5 Websites to visit in your Lunchtime | Part 3 of 4

We are back again with another 5 cool websites you may enjoy visiting in your Lunchtime!

Just in case, if you haven't checked the part 1 & part 2 then probably you should.

Here we GO!


Have you ever wondered how beautiful the world would have been if everyone could easily share their secrets without being judged? Well PostSecret is exactly that! Here anyone can send in postcards anonymously on which their secrets are written which are then displayed on their website. One can visit this website often to see what people all around the world have to share.

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Some secrets might make you feel good knowing that there are more people in the world having the same opinion. On the other hand, some might make you feel really uncomfortable. So this might not be the website you wanna visit in your Lunchtime but definitely something you may like.

Visit this website here

River Styx

River Styx is an interactive website which will take you on an adventure where you meet many Greek Gods & Goddesses and learn about their myths & legends. This is very similar to playing a game where to click on objects to move forward.

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You will find this one very interesting as well as informative as you go through this interactive Greek mythology & philosophy crash course.

Visit this website here


Love contributing to open source? This website is your type! Zooniverse is a platform where researchers of all size & shapes come forward to seek help from volunteers (like you & me) to power their research. This platform has become one of the largest platforms where you can support & be a part of public research programs.

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No matter who you are, there is something for everyone. You will find researches going on many different topics belonging to various domains. You will definitely find something you might be interested in volunteering.

Visit this website here


Always wanted to express your deep emotions & feelings on the web but found social media very intimidating? Then you will love NOIYS! Here you can make a post similar to Twitter which will be posted anonymously for others to see. The best thing is that you don't need an account or have to provide any details to the website, so you are completely safe. People coming on NOIYS can actually see what you have posted and can also reply to it. Few may like this, few may not but always remember that there may be creeps lurking around.

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All posts are deleted within 24 hours so there's no chance of leaving something behind.

Visit this website here


Love watching funny vids? [Vumble]( is your place... Here you will find a collection of strange & creepy yet funny videos voted by users. And even you can contribute to the leaderboard by voting. Once you visit the website, it will keep you hooked for hours.

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This website is a bit hard to explain but one thing for sure that you will definitely find something cool and interesting here.

Visit this website here


I hope you enjoyed reading my blog post. This Blog Post is a 3 of 4 part of "Fun websites to visit in your lunchtime". Check out Part 1 & Part 2

Feel Free to share which website was your favourite from this Part and do you know any other interesting websites then please share your thoughts in discussions/comments.

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Suraj Vishwakarma

Sometimes we want to express our feelings and experiences anonymously, in such situations PostSecret and NOIYS.

Today's social media turned into a place where users show-off things and don't try to connect with others.

Such websites need more recognition.

Thanks for bringing attention to such websites ⭐.

mindninjax profile image
Rishabh Singh ⚡

That's very true! Social media is so messed up nowadays...
You're very welcome Suraj :D