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Roblox Developing

Roblox developing is now one of the easiest ways to earn money by putting in effort but with low risk! All that really needs to happen is imagination.

Reasons why roblox developing is low risk

  1. Roblox is an online platform where there is no reason to spend money at all
  2. The code of conduct is easy to follow and there are some great websites to help you
  3. DevEx or cashing out with money is easy and very efficient

What to watch out for in roblox developing

  1. Many of the users online will scam you so always take payment before you submit the build or code. (I send screenshots then ask for pay)
  2. I think 360 robux=$1 which is quite manageable
  3. You might want to have other platforms with your user so you can get an audience, this is a great way to form a fanbase and make money with youTube

What skills do I need?

  1. You need to be able to 3D model. Roblox Studio (where you make the games) has a great interface design that can help you. Another way is to make a file in blender and export it to Roblox Studio.
  2. Basic coding, Roblox coding is different from other coding but it's easier to understand a new code when you can code a little
  3. Time, Roblox is a platform where developers spend up to a year creating 1 game. You will have to provide updates regularly.
  4. Communications skills, If you wish to develop you should probably get a team together of expert 3D modelers, Scripters, GFX creators. If you can do them all then go solo!

Many of the developers on Roblox have made millions of $$$ join today at, make an account, click create, download the studio and boom you can create games. The interface is easy to figure out but you might want to watch some videos to get started!

I have my own, "Roblox Devs" orginazation that you can be sure to reach out on

Twitter: @mit_pit
Roblox: @littlePitMit_Dev
DevTo @mit_pit

Message me with any questions, concerns, comments, or other

You can also write a reply below.

Have a great day DEV.To community I know that was a lot to read!

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