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The Must-Read Javascript Book of 2020 is Free

It’s real! The 2020, 2nd edition of You Don't Know JS Yet: Get Started is here. The official tweeter account tweeted its realness just on February 1st, and only yesterday, we got the announcement that the print versions are ready.

This review is hot off the press for the new edition.

The new title of the 2nd edition of this Javascript series resonates with me. The new “yet” appended to the title has the perfect amount of snark: of course we can all say that we used Javascript and achieved the result we wanted, but we can’t all say that we know Javascript — yet.

That’s because the way Javascript thinks is complicated and not consistent with other programming languages. In my career, I deal with this insecurity about Javascript. Truly knowing Javascript is a touchy subject for many of us.


You Don’t Know JS Yet: Get Started should not be called Get Started. Its truer title is “Under the Hood,” since the entire idea behind book one of the series is to lift the hood, point out the components, and highlight idiosyncrasies in Javascript.

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victorioberra profile image
Victorio Berra

Honestly, I learned so much from these books and they are the number one recommended book for JS when i'm asked. Even better if you are proficient with JS this really helps move you to mastery much quicker. You should have the books open on one screen and the chrome console in another and you should test all the code snippets yourself and see the results. Really makes the examples stick and adds that learn by doing method. HIGHLY RECOMMEND THESE BOOKS.

bybruno profile image
Bruno A.

Wow!! Can I fork and translate into Portuguese for people in Brazil?

Of course, with all the credits to the original repository.

Or do you have any other plans to create translations in other languages ​​in the original repository?

mlimonczenko profile image

Thanks, Bruno. Because I'm not the author, I can't tell you about whether it's okay to fork the repo and write a translation (though it sounds like a great idea!).

Probably best to contact the author directly.

michael2401 profile image
Michael • Edited

These series are really awesome! I learned from these books a lot. They are the must-read books for JS developers. They definitely level up your JS skill and you can get a new higher salary job when you master your JS skill.

jenc profile image
Jen Chan

Ooohhh yeaaahhhh!

mlimonczenko profile image

Just heard the book hit #1 in it's categories. 😊 Well deserved!!