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I am a developer, got a new job, and I'm afraid to take it

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Hello!, I'm Mathieu NIVOLIEZ. Recently (about 1 month, maybe more) I sign up in a company. The job is starting the 1er of October in a city called Grenoble. My wife and myself went there to find a new "home" and the city... let say have yet to convince us. To be honest my wife is scared to go there (the city seems pretty hostile) and I'm not sure either about it. Moreover, she's afraid she will not find any job there. I'm hesitating to end the trial period even before the start of the contract. Have you ever have to deal with this kind of situation? If yes how did you do it? Any advise to assess the situation there?

Thanks in advance.

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Try and find some crime statistics. There's a difference between fear of the unknown and actual danger. Some places look rough but are perfectly safe.

My opinion, never move for a trial period. That is likely to end up in you having new financial commitments in a new city and no job. Find a way to either commute or get a hotel until the trial is complete. If you can't manage that financially and can't couch surf via Airbnb, pass and keep your current job.

Ref: looks like you can snag an Airbnb in grenoble for ~$45/night. You also usually get discounts for longer term stays (I've rented across Europe for weeks at a time, usually saves $3-400).


There are tons of remote job postings on Stack Overflow you might be interested in.

If you are not a fan of remote jobs then... I think you should listen to your gut. If you think that the city is hostile after staying just one month there, chances are, your opinion (and probably, reality) ain't gonna change.

There is no one stopping you to continue searching for a better place to stay. The environment you are in affects your life for better... or for worse.


The job start in one month, haven't been there yet (except for looking for a place to live).


Sorry, I misread. Then those first impressions can be false.

Either way, you can accept the job, try it out, see how it is to live there and, if you feel like it's not for you, switch jobs.


I haven't, I'm sorry. I moved between countries (Milan to Paris) but I was the only one moving. Also, I liked the idea of Paris, even if I didn't know if I would actually like the city (after the "everything is awesome" period).

I guess you both have to decide if uprooting to Grenoble is worth it. If her losing a job and you finding a new one there is okay with you. I don't think any city can convince you in a few days or weeks. It takes time, sometimes a lot.

I would think about what made you take that job in the first place and see if that's still a valid reason, if not, don't move and start looking for another job, maybe remote like the others say.

In the end quality of life is important, at least to me. I wouldn't probably be able to hold a nice job in a city I didn't like but you can still look for a better job in a place you love.

Anyhow, worst case scenario, if you go to Grenoble, you move again in a year or something... but hey, I don't know your life, that might be okay with you or super inconvenient.

If you decide to go remote, these might help: a search engine for remote jobs, Buffer that's always hiring and it's the most open company I've seen around and obviously the #whoshiring tag here on


I always trust my gut feeling. I think my security is far more important than my career.

If you speak French, I recommend Quebec city, Canada. There is a huge need for any kind of dev here, and it is a very good place to live. Pretty much any kind of store, office or other is hiring.
I know it's far away, but I know a lot of French people who've made the jump and came to live here.

Good luck mate.


My wife and I had to deal with that situation somewhat. But that was within southern germany and there's no shortage of jobs for most people. So my wife found something quite quick. Also we had friends at our new location. It can / will be hard to get a grasp without some people you know. Imho it really helps if you got some people in reach, not necessary every day but maybe to see at the weekend and talk to.

I somewhat agree with AsParalell about the not moving. But in my case it wouldn't have been a problem to find a new job quickly. Don't know about the situation in France. On the other hand it could also be negative when you're there without your wife and can't commit fully to your job.


I haven't had to deal with this situation but I'm wondering if you could hedge your bets?

Maybe move their ahead of your wife and get a temporary place to stay. Check out the job and the city. Get your wife to come down on weekends if it isn't too far from where you live now so she can get a feel for it and apply for some jobs.

After a month or so, both you and your wife will probably be in a much better position to assess the situation and make a good decision.


Grenoble?? My brother lived there when he was doing his PhD (Doctorat) and he LOVED it! He now lives in Paris but he always say how he misses Grenoble. But well, that's my brother's opinion.


I'm pretty sure the woman scares us. I obtain a 2 weeks temporary place inside Grenoble to roam around and discover.


I don't think Grenoble is the scary part as much as starting a new job and moving to a whole new place where you probably know nobody. But as long as you are not alone (your wife is with you), you are gonna be fine.

I have lived in Montpellier for 1 year when I was doing "Master". I loved it. France is a beautiful country. Just relax and embrace this experience.

Also, from my life, I have learned that the first 2 weeks (exactly 2 weeks) of every big transition, such as moving to a new place, it is gonna be weird and hard. After 2 weeks, you will get used to it.

I have lived in Montpellier for 5 year doing first master. It's nice city. I think you are right about the first 2 weeks. Well my wife just found two opportunities this morning, if she can get a job, I suppose it's a different story.


Sometimes the fear of success is more destructive than the fear of failure. Taking risks is part of life, of a good life. Spending your life with fear, without exploring your dreams, is cruel.

Grenoble, France? it doesn't look so terrible, you should travel to the undeveloped world to see what is hostile. I don't want to be rude, I just want to give some perspective.


That's unfortunate.

You can look at this situation a few ways. Is this a 'stepping stone' position? Will you use this job to simply up your career and move onto something else?

Is this a big career move for you? Do you see yourself rising through the ranks at this company? If so, it might be worth it to suffer a little in the beginning while you and your family adjust to a new city/area while you establish yourself.

If it's simply 'just another job' then maybe it might be better to look elsewhere before your contract starts so that you and your family don't have to endure unnecessary struggles and stress.

Just my two cents.

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