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Final thoughts on contribution


This week I've been wrapping up and polishing my PRs.

Today I would like to go over 3 PRs that I did.


For the following PR I had to come up with logo for the project.

Here is what I come to the end:


I would say that creating a logo is very creative work to do. Of course, you might take a look at other logos for inspirations, but you need to create one from scratch, because you want the project to be unique and don't have any similarities with the ones that already exist.

For another Full stack project I have been collaborating with project maintainer and discussed possible improvements. It was very nice talking to Full stack developer and listening to his ideas. How many great people around us, who seem to be total stranger but are very nice!

UI improvements

For another PR I was doing overall UI and accessibility improvements. Personally, I really like when people spent some time one designing the website and you can see the effort.

In the following PR I made basic but very important improvements:

Added some hierarchy:

  • Positioned elements so that they are easily visible

Sign up page

  • Made certain elements attract your attention, so that you understand what to do on the website

  • Added some beautiful animations, so that user understands that he interacts with buttons, links, etc.

It's a great practice to give user sort of response on hovering over a card, link or a button. It's such a pain to see some of these elements without any interactions.

Hover effect

Why it matters ?

Because users want to be engaged. Nobody wants just a static website without any interactions with user. With animations, hierarchy, effects, etc. we make user stay on the website and continue exploring.

Remove useless interactions

For another PR after discussions with project maintainer we have come to agreement to remove useless alert of saying you need to login in order to create a story. Instead we simply redirect the user to the log in page and showing error message asking to log in first.

Final words

It's amazing that people are kind and willing to help you if you struggle with something. It's been a great experience working with Full stack developer and implementing features.

P.S. Networking and connecting with people from your industry is amazing, who knows what knowing this person might lead in the future. Maybe we end up working together :)


Thank you for reading and have a great week!

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Gulnur Baimukhambetova

Yes, agree, with open-source I realized that it is actually so easy to connect with people.