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Maxim Nosov ✪
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Implementing a feature with Vanilla JavaScript

This week I've been contributing to open source project Meetify.


My idea was that on the website user could click on Screen share button and share his screen.

screen share

I implemented this functionality with vanilla Javascript.

Vanilla JavaScript 😍

To be honest, I truly enjoy vanilla JS. Without a doubt, there are so many useful JavaScript frameworks that could save a lot of time. Yet, it's amazing what kind of things we can do with vanilla JavaScript: speech recognition, video recording, slider, carousel, etc.

Most of this things could be done with JQuery and other frameworks, but isn't it great to know how to build same thing in multiple ways ?

I think it will make you better as a developer 😊

There is a great course from WesBos, who builds 30 projects with vanilla JS. I learnt a lot from this one. Not sponsoring, just sharing a great course. If you are interested, you won't regret!

Implementation 💻

For my PR I wrote the following code:

function dumpOptionsInfo() {
    const videoTrack = videoElem.srcObject.getVideoTracks()[0];
    console.log(videoTrack);"Track settings:");, null, 2));"Track constraints:");, null, 2));

  const videoElem = document.getElementById("video");
  let displayMediaOptions = {
    video: {
      cursor: "always",
      height: 1000,
      width: 1200,
    audio: false,

  async function startCapture() {
    try {
      videoElem.srcObject = await navigator.mediaDevices.getDisplayMedia(displayMediaOptions);
    } catch (err) {
      console.error("Error: " + err);

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For HTML we can use the following code:

        <video id="video" autoplay playsinline muted></video>
        <button id="start"> Start Screen Sharing</button>
        <button id="stop"> Stop</button>
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When clicking on Start Screen Sharing button you should have a popup like that:


You can click on the window and screen sharing will start.

screen sharing

Amazing, right ?

You can check more detailed blog about screen sharing with Javascript here.

If you would like to support me, you can buy me a coffee. It will motivate me to write better blogs and share knowledge.

Let us know what do you think in the comments :) If you have any other vanilla JavaScript courses you want to share, let us know :)

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Sacred (void*)

Young devs who use vanilla JS are real chads.

jd2r profile image

I absolutely love Vanilla. It's crazy the amount of cool stuff you can do with it!

murtazahashwani profile image
Murtaza Hashwani

Currently i'm begginer with React Js thank you for introducting me with this new technology. A Worthy article for me ~ Murtaza Hashwani...

michthebrand profile image
Ikechukwu Charles

I am learning react, but I may slide back in to vanilla js because of this blog. Thanks alot.

mnosov622 profile image
Maxim Nosov ✪

Yeahh, exactly ! React is used by a lot of companies, but we shouldn't neglect mastering javascript first :)

jboxman profile image
Jason Boxman

I highly recommend the You Don't Know JS series of short books for a deep dive into JavaScript the language itself.

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Maxim Nosov ✪

Oh wow, thank you Jason!