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Moe Ghashim
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How we launched a marketplace on the JAM stack for $10/mo 🤯

If you're based in the UK, we would love to hear what you think of 🙏.

All founders want to pay as low as possible when they launch a new startup.

When we decided to build Myjam on the JAM stack, we didn't think of the cost that much. We got excited about the new technology and wanted to try our luck with it. is a marketplace for exotic food. We work with independent grocers and we want to have freedom in trying a new approach. There are 7,000 SKUs.

This graph explains the technologies we use

Myjam structure
You can check the code here (we need to work on our open source skills 😅).

How did we do it?

We started by utilizing the generous free package by Netlify and Cloudinary(we get extra credit when you signup 🤗). We have to give them a big shout out for their generosity 🙌. We knew that we will end up paying Airtable because their free package won't be enough for us. Here is a breakdown of our cost for the first month
Monthly cost

We signed up for YC Startup School. We find their weekly update a good hack and a reminder to focus on what matters. Startup School negotiate deals for the startups who join the program. That's how we got $1,000 credit from Algolia.

We came across Makerpad and noticed that they have deals as well. Airtable was one of the deals. We signed up and got $500 worth of credit.

We started to look for more deals and found Secret. You can get more deals from them. Here is a referral link

I will keep looking for deals and will update this post if I find more deals.

We're documenting the process of building Myjam. We believe it's interesting to see how this journey evolves. It's full of uncertainty. We're sharing plans, metrics, sales and code #BuildInPublic.
If you want to watch the journey sign up here

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lucasverra profile image
Lucas Verra • Edited

i tested the conversion workflow :

  • on firefox desktop win 10 , the added item green banner wont close
  • no way im putting anything other than a virtual just created for this revolut credit card. Your purchase process does not gives me any security
moeghashim profile image
Moe Ghashim

Thank you Lucas!
We still have a lot of work ahead of us.
Regarding the second point, do you suggest integrating with Stripe directly?

lucasverra profile image
Lucas Verra

do the same as other bigger e_commerce platforms. It might not be as cost effective as your today solution; but you can not not give securities on payments

andrewbrown profile image
Andrew Brown 🇨🇦 • Edited

I am in StartupSchool 3rd time and I made a course-specific for SS to adopt AWS and I show how to deploy a JAMstack to S3 Static website hosting so its $0 per month.

pavelloz profile image
Paweł Kowalski

Is it really 10$ if credits go away and you get X bills over 10?

moeghashim profile image
Moe Ghashim

That's a valid point.
In my case no it won't be but this is what I wanted. To lower my expenses as much as I can. As business grow bills will grow as well.

The biggest cost is Airtable. If someone is building a store with 100SKU it will be $0/mo. I think I should mention that.

petecapecod profile image
Peter Cruckshank

Thanks that was a great read and it was cool to see just how much you can save by looking for deals and utilizing the JAMStack
Best of luck 👍

moeghashim profile image
Moe Ghashim

Thanks Peter!

kienngo profile image

Very nice project!