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Why did you Decide to Learn Programming?

moha1234566044 profile image Mohamed Hassan twitter logo github logo ・1 min read

Take a break from scrolling down and motivate the newcomers. Why are you learning to code? are you looking for a better job? or you just like solving complex problems? or you are trying to start your own business? or you have fun just by writing code?

Comment down below :)

Here are my reasons for learning to code.

1- The dynamic process and how we think as programmers is just innovative.
2- The career opportunities are great.
3- Learning other great skills as you go on your journey as a programmer is really beneficial like analyzing, patience, determination, and sympathy for helping others.

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I learned how to program for making my Pokemon GBA game in C. As learning and diving into it completely. I started to find it fun and thinking in the programming way to solve and approach most of the problems. So I find all your 3 reasons valid to how to learn to code.


You wanna make your game in c?
Wow that's really challenging you got it bro!! :)


It's not from scratch. Most things are already done for us, it is a disassembly.


I wanted to make a game (a 2D fighting game to be specific). But then, I got interested with web development. But I would always come back with game development.

And throughout my teenage years, programming became my 'hidden' superpower because there were only few people who shares the same passion as me (atleast from where I live). It was also an 'addiction', knowing I ain't good at sports and other stuff that most people do.


At first, I just wanted to solve some technical and logic problems.

But now, what I really love about my job is our ability to choose.
There are so many job offers, we can choose, why, for who and how we want to work:

Because I love learning new things? Because I want to help peoples finding solutions to their problems? because I want to make that's world a better place? because I want a well payed, family compatible works?
For a big company? A medium one? A startup? As a freelance?
In remote? In a team? In a another country ?

That's your choice, your responsibility.


Agreed, the possibilities in this profession are endless :)


Originally I wanted to just find a job that was high in demand, paid well, and was flexible. However, the more I studied the more I found my passion: I love getting things working.

That dopamine hit that happens when you click the button and it all runs smoothly. Priceless.

I'm still trying to find my way in the world, I'm really considering do something education related, but I'm just excited to see where this journey will take me.


That was insightful. Thanks for your comment :)


For me it was a creative outlet and I love challenges! I always enjoyed pushing myself and found that programming or even just engineering in general was a challenge I enjoyed. Plus we get to make things!!


I love the feeling of solving a difficult problem. The more agonizing it is, the sweeter the feeling is after I solve it. When I was a college student, I would spend my evenings and early mornings stuck up and solving a Machine Project. When I finally completed all the test cases, I would shout for joy at like 2AM. I like feeling like a genius, even if just for that brief moment.


I started programming because I was fascinated by computers games. Now I am not a game developer, but I'm a web developer. It's so cool that you can create interesting, creatives and good looking things on a computer, but salary is also a good part of being a programmer.

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