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Best tech things I read this week

I share TL;DR versions of articles on software engineering that I read every weekday through my newsletter - in.snippets(). Sign up here to receive these in your inbox.

#timeless #fundamentals

How to Build Good Software

“Bad software is one of the few things in the world you cannot solve with money.” This article argues that it is not the engineering choices that are the root cause of bad software; it is how software development projects are managed. The post details the most common characteristics of development cycles that lead to both good and bad software.
18 mins read

#tutorial #beginner

Let's setup a VPN server, for free, on AWS, under 5 min

If you want to maintain privacy while using the internet, this 7-steps 5-mins guide is for you. Next time when you are traveling somewhere and are not sure about how secure the airport Wi-Fi is, use this tutorial to set up your free VPN server.
4 mins read

#career #resource

Tech Interview Handbook

This has to be the most extensive technical interview handbook out there. You will find this useful at each and every step of the interview process - from introducing yourself to offer negotiations, from writing effective cover letters to acing the coding round. Thanks to Yangshun Tay for compiling this super useful resource.

#devdecisions #plugin

How to build a plugin system on the web and also sleep well at night

This post shares the Figma engineering team’s journey of finding the perfect plugin solution. To answer the question “how to run plugins with security, stability, and performance” the team considered dozens of different approaches. This post shares three of those attempts and how they arrived at their final answer.
23 mins read

#devops #kubernetes

Why Does Developing on Kubernetes Suck?

Myriad dev environments, permissions & authentication, network debugging, logging into a container & doing stuff, pushing/pulling images, mounts/file syncing and logs/observability events - Dan Miller thinks these seven areas make developing on Kubernetes tough and frustrating at times. Do you agree?
9 mins read

#learn #Go

Learn Go with test-driven development

This is a step by step guide to learn Go by writing tests. It covers majority of Go’s language features, how to do Test-Driven Development (TDD) and building a robust application in Go. This WIP repo is shared by Chris James.

#books #recommendation

Surely You’re Joking, Mr. Feynman! (Adventures of a Curious Character) by Richard P. Feynman

This is Mr. Feynman's life story in his inimitable voice. During his lifetime, he won a Nobel prize in Physics, accompanied a ballet on his bongo drums and cracked the uncrackable safes guarding the most deeply held nuclear secrets. This book is highly recommended by Sergey Brin.

P.S - This is a list of the best of tech articles that our team at Appsmith read through the last week. I plan to share this recommended reading list every week. Would love to hear feedback on this. What did you find useful and what didn't you like?

What did you read the last week that you absolutely loved?

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Krzysztof Góralski

Nice. Good list.
Richard P. Feynman <3

if you are looking for something new to read:
maybe you will find something interesting :)