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Which Frontend Javascript Framework/library is the Best?

A Javascript Framework/library is a piece of pre-written code that helps us to build applications faster, easier, and better. There are a lot of javascript frameworks out there so deciding which one to use is not easy. In this article, we will be going on a crazy journey to discover which javascript framework is best.

1. ReactJS ⚛

Firstly we have React invented in 2013 by Facebook, React is by far the most popular javascript framework and one of the first javascript frameworks at the time. React is very open source so the community handles things like routing, and state management and the React community is so big many alternatives to the same problem. so many companies use React such as Mircosoft, and Facebook and with React native you can make mobile apps.

Pros of React (Good Side)

  1. 🤝🏽 Easy to Learn (not that easy.)
  2. minimal at first
  3. 😎 very popular in the Job Market
  4. 🌍 Huge Community.
  5. 📱 With React-Native you can easily build mobile apps.

Cons of React (Bad Side)

  1. Reactivity
    • you will definitely get a lot of infinite loops
    • understanding React's Reactivity is hard but very important.
  2. So many libraries to the same problem
    • for animation, there are tons of libraries to choose.
    • This is both a good and a bad thing.
    • The good side is that it offers flexibility to choose whatever you want
    • The bad side is that there is no standard for which library to choose.
  3. The useEffect hook
    • in React, hooks are just special functions.
    • This hook is the most dangerous hook in react, it causes infinite loops and it is not easy to understand. There is a lot more to this hook that you do not know but that's an article for another day.


Angular was invented in 2016 by Google, Angular is like the direct opposite of React. React is supported by the community but angular you do not need external packages for things like routing, animation, etc, it has those stuff by default.Companies using angular are Google, Upwork, Paypal, Forbes, etc.

Pros of Angular

  1. Reliability
  2. works well with Google services like Firebase.
  3. Huge community (not like React though)
  4. popular in the Job Market
  5. Scaleability, Angular can build really big applications

Cons of Angular

  1. Hard to learn (very hard)
  2. Typescript Required
  3. Not So many libraries to the same problem hence not flexible


VueJS was created by Evan you in 2014 it is the progressive javascript framework. Stuff like routing and state management is handled by the vue ecosystem. Companies using vue are GitLab, Zoom, adobe, etc.

Pros of Vue

  1. Easy to Learn (very easy)
  2. Reliability
  3. Simplicity
  4. Good Documentation

cons of Vue

  1. Smaller Community than Angular and React
  2. Limited Resources
  3. Less Jobs Than React and Angular


This one of my personal favorites, svelte was created in 2016 by Rich harris and with the release of version 3, it became the most loved framework according to the stack overflow survey(what over 70,000 developers took). Svelte is kind of like React it relies on the community for stuff like routing,server-side-rendering, etc. Companies using svelte are avast, GoDaddy,, etc.

pros of Svelte

  1. The easiest to Learn
  2. Amazing Documentation (one of the best on this list)
  3. Magic syntax
  4. Great Reactivity (the best on this list)
  5. Blazing Fast (The fastest on this list)

cons of svelte

  1. very small community (smaller than vue)
  2. Lack of tutorials
  3. a very small quantity of Jobs (smaller than vue)

Honorable Mention

  1. SolidJS
    • solid is an extremely fast React-like framework but it is still relatively new so it did not make the list.

in conclusion

These are the best frameworks in my opinion but which one is the best? honestly, there is no best. One of the strengths of React is its popularity and big community, the strength of Angular is its reliability, the major strength of vue is simplicity and the major strength of svelte is its speed. As much as I like svelte, I would personally recommend React or vue because I don't really think svelte would scale that much (for very big apps). I did not recommend for beginners Angular because it is not easy to learn but that does mean it is not powerful. Thanks for reading, if enjoyed it, please leave a reaction and comment on your best framework. See you next time ✌🏽✌🏽.

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Andrew Baisden

React is going to remain on that throne for a very long time 😄

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Idukpaye alex

so you think react is the best

andrewbaisden profile image
Andrew Baisden

Yes it has the biggest community and the most jobs available.