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Best Communities For Developers To Join

Software development is an interesting, rewarding, and engaging field, but it’s also just as challenging. Today, succeeding in software engineering is practically impossible without support - like a developer community.

So, here are some best communities for developers out there!


Practically a must for everyone working in the software industry, Github houses over 40 million engineers and developers who learn, collaborate and share their code via the platform. Also, the GitHubCommunity is practically a treasure trove of valuable information.

2. Stack Overflow

StackOverflow is another valuable open community for all kinds of coders. It’s one of the most helpful software engineer communities because you’re likely to find answers to even the most challenging problems in coding there.

3. Reddit

There’s a reason why Reddit has successfully laid claim to being the front page of the Internet It's home to hundreds of thousands of unique communities that present the chance for authentic human connection and endless conversation.

/r/webdev subreddit is one of the most active Reddit communities on all things concerning web development — both back-end and front-end. Plus, its affiliated subreddit, /r/web_design, is a great place for QnA

4. is one of the largest communities of software developers on the Internet, where over 700,000 devs who code in all sorts of environments discuss their work.

5. Hashnode

Hashnode is another global programming community where experienced developers answer questions, give suggestions, share their stories, and provide feedback on ongoing projects. Users post micro-blogs about technical issues or real-life development dilemmas.

6. Showcase

Showwcase is a network built for coders. It's a platform to connect, share knowledge, code, what you're working on, gain feedback, learn, ask questions and find new opportunities in the tech community.

7. Aviyel

Aviyel works with open-source creators to build and incentivize active communities, achieve financial independence and increase adoption of their projects.

8. Arc Community

The Arc community is built specifically for remote developers. As their slogan, “Remote but not alone,” implies, we aim to connect WFH and remote devs and software engineers across the globe with one another to help each other succeed from anywhere.

9. Codementor Community

Codementor community is a vibrant stomping ground for senior developers, junior developers, and everyone in between. There, you can exchange ideas, learn from developer mentors, and even customise your reading list of programming articles and coding tutorials.

10. Unity Forum

There are plenty of different game engines used by developers these days. Unity Forum is undoubtedly one of the most popular ones out there. Considering that, it’s no wonder that the Unity Forum is one of the most active game developer communities on the internet.

11. Official Python Forum

Official Python forum is one of the global Python community’s main hubs, where members with diverse experiences, personalities, and skills come together to discuss their work and careers.

12. Real Python

The Real Python is one of the most valuable resources for any budding Python developer — housing thousands of professional video lessons and tutorials on every aspect of the popular programming language.

13. PySlackers

PySlackers is one of the most inclusive and enthusiastic communities for all kinds of Python devs. From people who are just beginning to learn the language to those who have built their whole careers around it.

14. Reactiflux

Seeing as reactjs is one of the most widely used JavaScript frameworks for front-end web development, having a whole community of React devs to rely on for questions is always good. And reactiflux fits that bill perfectly.

15. Discord

There’s practically no need to introduce the most popular instant messaging and VoIP platform in the world of gaming. Discord isn’t a community but rather a platform which countless communities of every kind call home.

16. is one of the best places for people who need help with the technical aspect of game design and development. However, there is plenty of discussion on the social and personal aspects of working in the game industry as well.

17. is a popular, no-frills, and easy-to-use web development forum that hosts a wide range of discussions on all kinds of topics from HTML and CSS to Ruby and SQL. This website doesn’t really require much introduction.

18. CodeProject

CodeProject is an ever-growing community of talented and dedicated programmers and web developers, millions of members write incredibly helpful articles on all things programming, and there are plenty of web development topics covered as well.

19. XDA Developers

XDA developers is one of the oldest mobile dev communities in the world. It was founded by Windows Mobile developers in 2003, but they would largely switch to discussions on Android development by the early 2010s.

20. Java Programming Forums

As self-explanatory as website names go, Java Programming Forums is just that, a niche, but lively forum that is home to over 80,000 Java developers with varying degrees of experience.

21. Oracle Java Community

Considering the people at Oracle created Java, it stands to reason their community would house some excellent Java devs. And that’s precisely the case the Java section on Oracle is one of the most active Java dev communities on the Internet.

22. Apple Developer

While many of the websites mentioned above are home to vibrant iOS developer communities, there’s still no place like home. And that’s why the official Apple Developer website is one of the best.

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Joe Lapp

An excellent list. Exactly what I needed. Thank you!

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Danish Saleem

Glad you find the list useful🙏