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Course Launch 🚀 - Sets and Frozen Sets in Python

Are you a newbie and is your next Python learning goal is Sets and Frozen Sets?

Preparing for an upcoming interview, want to brush up your knowledge on Sets and Frozen Sets while solving problem alongside?

I recently built and published a self-paced Python course on Linkedin Learning on Sets and Frozen Sets.

Course Features 👇:

📌 The full course is FREE for a month from the date of your sign-up.
📌 3 bite-sized lessons are available for preview (no sign-up needed).
📌 You can download the lesson on Linkedin Learning iOS and android applications and can learn offline.
📌 Hands-on examples, MCQs, challenges
📌 The course is a collection of bite-sized videos.
📌 Course duration - 1 hour 37 min, lesson duration varies between 40 sec to 6 minutes maximum.

NOTE - If your employer or your university has given you access to the Linkedin Learning library. You would be able to access the full course.

Take the course and spread the word among your peers.
If you take the course do let me know your feedback.

Course Link:

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