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What is a good free cloud database allowing ~= 50 incoming connections?

Hello! I am writing an application for history lessons to help students learn history more efficiently. As it's a side-project, and also pretty local one, I want to avoid any costs on it. I was able to host frontend on Netlify, and backend in Python on Vercel (serverless). But in order to store the data I need some database to connect to. I see heroku postgres as one of the options, which seems fine, but it allows only 20 connections at a time, while possible peak load is around 50 connections. What is a good free cloud database for that? It could be postgres, or something else. Ideally I want it to be working for years without touching, if it is even possible (:

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I'd go supabase all day!

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MrNaif2018 Author

Looks great! Thank you, will try it out! Something like this with github integration is what I need, as the code will anyway be opensource.