How DEV has helped you?

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How DEV has helped you in any way?

It can be something related to your career or maybe your life generally.

The main purpose of this post is to encourage new developers to get motivated by stories of people who have benefited a lot from this platform

Comment & share your stories!

Let's inspire each other.


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Nice question πŸ˜„, Before I used to spend time in stackoveflow.com. But now its DEV.to .

DEV.to has helped me in following ways:

  • A vast source to get knowledge and ideas for any developer related topics.
  • A source to share my knowledge and projects.
  • A place where I can learn from industry experts and connect with them via comments.
  • A place to know about latest developer trends, events, hackathons and best practices.
  • My Goto place to know what's happening in developers world.

Couldn't agree more Shaijut!

Yeah, I'd like to conclude it in an equation:

DEV = Medium+SO!


Dev.to just feels much more easy to navigate, Stackoverflow has that kind of feeling... can't describe it.


To be honest, I have been using this only for the past few months. But not that much active in this platform. But whenever I visit this page, it never fails to keep me engaged with a lot of informative stuff. Past few days I'm visiting this Dev more than any. Now I'm slowly becoming a good fan of it.

I'm loving it!


Thank you for your comment Sabitha!

Yeah, same here. I love DEV because the community here is so supportive and content is so engaging that you feel a natural attraction towards it.


I'm new to programming and don't have a local programming community, so DEV has been a great way to feel connected to a global community.

I also learn best through processing my ideas in writing. A few weeks ago I got thousands of views on articles I wrote about my learning-projects-in-progress. That was very motivating for me to continue building and continue learning, since what we create and write can be valuable to others in ways we can't predict...even for those of us who are still beginners ourselves.

Finally, I LOVE the global connections. I love seeing that followers and commenters live all over the world!


Aww. It's really great that you are having a great experience at DEV.

Yeah, I feel the same. DEV Community is so supportive. Engaging with people here gives you a sense of being connected with people all over the world.


For me DEV has been an amazing platform. I explained it in a previous post of mine:

Other than that DEV Community is so amazing. If I don't write something here for certain days, I don't feel good seriously.


Through DEV I've read many inspiring articles that keep me motivated to learn more and create more projects. I've read many articles on useful tools for designing websites that have helped tremendously with things that I am creating. And I've also come to see how big of a community we are all together, spanning world-wide which makes me happy to be a developer


Exactly. I love DEV because of the same reason. We have a diverse community on a single platform here.


I learned how to write articles and met a lot of people plus having people to follow me.


Yes. Same here. Before DEV, I used to write at Medium but due to low views, I felt kinda discouraged. Then I discovered DEV and now I love to write here.


Because of a post I made on here I am now learning in a much better way guided by someone that works as a web developer. So I found a teacher and a mentor that I connect with.


It's really good to know. Good luck with your future endeavors!


Dev.to feels like an actual resource for an inspiring developer's journey.


Yes. Couldn't agree more!