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8 Projects That Can Get You an Interview (with recommended video)

Here are some portfolio project ideas that could land you an interview! Some projects can be beginner-friendly, however, pick the project that you are confident in completing. The important rule is one completed project is better than 20 noncompleted projects. Disclaimer - the recommended videos are in JavaScript with different frameworks. If you don't use the framework or language listed, you can search a video on the same project with your language/framework of choice.

Full Stack Chat Application💬

This could an excellent piece to interact with the recruiter. This was my personal favorite and can be expanded to add login, animations, etc.

I wrote an article on this project if you would like to check it out.👇

Weather Application☀️

A simple web application that fetches a weather API and returns the current temperature and condition. This can be made entirely on the front-end and there are a variety of free weather API to use.

Landing Page💸

A good landing page can increase revenue for a company. Why not show off your design skills on a simple one-page site?

E-commerce website💳

With stores and restaurants closing due to the pandemic, it is hard to imagine how much they are struggling without an online store to continue their operations. You could even use this project to start freelancing for other stores.

COVID-19 Tracker📈

I released an article when I made the project and had many people ask me about the project.👇

The recommended video has included how to use Chart.js and Material UI which could save you time. Once completed, the site will turn current cases of COVID-19 and turn them into a visual representation of the data.

Social Networking Site📧

These projects not challenging enough? Maybe make your social networking site!😏 If you can complete this project, you could cater to a niche market and generate users for the site. What is better than a good portfolio project? A live project with hundreds or thousands of users!

Clone of a popular website©️

Have you ever looked at your favorite site and think of ways you would make it different? Imagine receiving an email for an interview for the same company you made a clone of!😁 You wouldn't need all the functionality, just the basics to get started and allow your ideas to flow along with the project.

Portfolio website👩

Now that you have a good resume and a few projects to work with, why not make a portfolio website? A portfolio website is a digital business card of yourself. A portfolio site can take as short/long as you want to make it and you can confidently present your projects, tell your story, and present your contact information within one website. Besides, how cool would it be to have your name in a URL?!

Thank You

There are more projects out there that can be excellent portfolio pieces. These project ideas can be an excellent start to show employers your design skills and creativity. Do you have any project ideas you would like to share? Comment down below and please leave a ❤️ if you enjoyed this article. Be sure to check out my other articles as I will be posting five days a week until further notice.

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